No power , what to do ?

No power , what to do ?

Because emotionally or physically stressful situations a person has a state of exhaustion or starvation.Especially it is the result of prolonged stress or poor lifestyle.And then, the man in confusion: no power, what to do, how to recover in the shortest possible time?

What is the breakdown

Often, some people admit that they have no power.What to do when you do not want anything?

What else accompanies such decadent mood?Along with a sense of malaise, weakness and fatigue, people are very irritable, helpless as a child.Nothing pleases, it lacks motivation than ever to do.That's a real breakdown.

Such psychological condition leads to a decline in physical strength.It reduces the body's resistance to disease, growing dissatisfaction and pessimism.Vigorous, cheerful people become weak and helpless.

And the main reason - prolonged stress, which dragged on for months or years.Stressful situations - around each of us.On the desktop heap of documents that you can not cope.By phone customers demand quick results.Head is short in time, and you do not have time.A child brought a bad evaluation and comments from the teacher.Close people are not interested in you.Gradually there comes a feeling of despair, and behind him - a breakdown.


Let's look at several factors that lead to the fact that there are no forces.What will be described immediately.

  1. One of the first factors - a large number of reasons for the experience.Any little thing is cause for concern for us.To raise tariffs for public utilities - we calculate growing costs.And you can at the end of the month in advance, and considering obschityvaya family budget, lay a certain amount for unexpected expenses.This is a very wise move!You change the time normal working hours?Do not hesitate to go to the employer and to discuss this issue.Most likely, there will be someone in the team who need these extra hours robots.
  2. second factor - the absence or lack of support.If there is a man who can be trusted with their own experiences, and even get advice from him, the problem can be solved by itself.The great strength - communication!Once in the house, each member of the family itself, loneliness overtakes quickly.Take time for joint activities.Turn off the TV, listen as one day went, what were the difficulties.At least once a day, sit down at a table together.If it is not, the experience will be accumulated, and you lose your physical and emotional strength.
  3. And the third factor - the feeling of helplessness.When there is such a feeling?Especially when you are doing a lot, and you do not appreciate, do not thank, not praised.And this also applies to those who work outside the home and those who care about the family, without leaving home.Agree that the work of the office worker is no different from a home laundry, cooking, cleaning, and other concerns.What to do in this situation?Be the initiators of praise.Sami thank others for their success, for caring, for the efforts of the mood.Then, in response, will get the same appreciation.A praise, as we know, inspires, and does not lead to depletion.


Many people are looking for their own ways to fight when there is no power.What to do in this case, they are no one asked.So when come everyday difficulties and their burden of care, they are trying to silence the experience of alcohol.Some are taking psychiatric drugs, wanting to get away from reality.

noticed that all these methods are not effective!They cope with stress is temporary, and the forces are depleted more and more.And over time, may not recover at all.

You - a master of his mood, his feelings and behavior!Do not sit, do not think about the sad moments.Try to solve the problem gradually, without the help of loved ones.Maintain a healthy lifestyle and possess a sense of humor.