Why the weakness ?

Why the weakness ?

impotence of the body can respond as any disease, and the wrong way of life that leads people.And because very often remove unpleasant condition we can on their own.

On the causes of weakness in the body, as well as on how to get rid of it, read on.

Causes weakness

diseases and biological processes

course, any pathology can cause a feeling of impotence, because the disease - it is always a big burden on the body.At the same time, to determine what kind of illness provokes such unpleasant symptoms, it is impossible, because the weakness - it is a very common phenomenon which can occur just because of what you want.

example, a feeling of weakness appears when colds and infectious diseases.Chronic fatigue, dizziness, low back pain can give, since it breaks down the blood circulation in the spine, which in turn, said a lack of blood supply and oxygen to the brain.And this is a direct impact on overall health.Finally, the weakness can occur in people suffering from low blood pressure.Provide such an effect and a variety of other diseases.

In addition, impotence may occur as a result of regular biological processes, for example, during menopause or critical days, and in adolescents during puberty.


This is the second most common reason why the weak attack your body.

Hypodynamy, permanent stay indoors (at home, in the office), lack of sleep, everyday problems - all this reduces the vitality.And the problem is only compounded over time, and the person begins to feel constantly overwhelmed, infirm, and therefore unhappy.He bad things are going to work, not exactly succeed relationships with others, he can not appreciate the simple pleasures of life.


Our body is thoroughly planned, and to ensure that this brilliant natural "machine" trouble-free operation, we should give it a truly competent "service", in particular, a balanced high-quality diet.

Fast food, plenty of carbohydrates and fried foods, lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, clean water provoke very negative changes in the body.Continuing to work, he was losing its former strength, health, energy.We are increasingly something hurts, the complexion becomes unhealthy, losing its former power and beauty of the hair, the nails become brittle, increasing a feeling of oppressive heaviness in the body, weakness.

negative effect is given and popular today as a diet, because in most cases, people are trying to build their own diet, and thus will certainly be serious errors.Because of them, the body does not go the vital macro and trace minerals, vitamins, and without them the body can not be healthy, strong, resilient, full of energy.

How to overcome the weakness?

To cope with the problem, you must first identify the problem, and then act in the right direction.

  • If weakness provokes the disease, it is necessary to fix it.To help in this can only qualified physician who will have to appoint a survey.
  • If the reason lies in the principle of life, it is necessary to radically change it to include those elements that contribute to the improvement.Be sure to spend more time outdoors in the sun - the man is so constituted that it can not live without them fully.We need to move more, for example, you can simply take long walks, cycling, rollerblading.When you feel the strength, you can do sports, too, better outdoors.Be sure to sleep at least 7 hours a day, preferably in complete darkness and silence, in a well-ventilated room.House reduce the time spent at the computer, TV.In his spare time reading a book better.
  • If blame food, then go to a dietitian, who can help plan a healthy diet.It should be more of boiled and stewed than roasted.More fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs.More simple clean water and less coffee, tea, stewed fruit, juices, soda.More natural foods and less canned.More protein and less carbohydrates (especially simple).If there is even a vitamin deficiency or vitamin deficiencies, it is necessary to drink vitamins in addition, what - to decide and appoint the doctor after the test.

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