Factors influencing health

Factors influencing health

man throughout his life, suffers from a number of factors that both positively and negatively affect their health.Factors affecting human health, shall be calculated not by one dozen.In addition to genetic and biological characteristics of the person, as a direct influence on it have environmental, social and physical factors.This affects not only directly on human health, but also on the duration of his life.

Impact on human, as a rule, the following factors:

  • Physical
  • Chemical
  • Genetic
  • Health

Chemical factors

factors impact on human health of this type of exposure, as a rule, have a strong influence on the furtherhuman existence.our Air pollution is directly correlated with the deterioration of health and, consequently, the life expectancy.It has always been, and will remain an important issue.

most likely factors that accompany chemical poisoning or contamination are industrial enterprises that emit waste into the atmosphere, soil and water.In the atmosphere, as a rule, fall into harmful substances - gases that can have a direct impact on a person, ie a person inhales noxious fumes with air as a dual, that is, water or land.So, when released into the soil, hazardous substances can be absorbed by plants, which then eats man.The same applies to water.Man uses water for personal use, without even knowing what kind of harmful substances contained in it, and what they threaten.Since most of the gases emitted into the atmosphere, can be connected easily with water, the active areas are not only commercially contaminated atmosphere, and the contaminated water and soil.

Thus, the factors that shape human health, in this case can not exceed the pollution factors, and therefore in industrial areas often sick children and residents more likely to suffer from cancer, which significantly reduces their life.

It is worth noting that the impact of air pollution on the population, due to such objective principles:

Variety pollution - it is believed that the man who lives in an industrial area, can influence a number of hundreds of thousands of chemical and toxic substances.In one area, a limited amount of hazardous substances may be present, but at a higher concentration, despite the fact that the combination of certain substances can cause increase in the negative impact on their rights.

The massive impact - a person inhales about 20,000 liters of air per day, and even small concentrations of toxic substances that are present in the air, so comparable volumes inhaled can cause significant flow of toxins in the body.

Access toxins into the internal environment of the body.As you know, the lungs have a surface of about 100 square meters, which allows them to absorb harmful substances and to scatter them in a large body surface.Toxins have direct contact with the blood, because of the light, they immediately fall into the systemic circulation, passing on his way toxicological barrier - the liver.

protect difficulty.By refusing to accept food contaminated food or water, people still continues to absorb toxins through the atmosphere and the air.

Air pollution is usually a negative impact on the body's resistance, a consequence of which it becomes an increased incidence of a number of physiological changes.Factors affecting human health in this case, reduce the average life expectancy.

Compared atmospheric pollution, it is ten times more dangerous than the pollution of water or soil as the toxins directly through the lungs into the blood.

main soil pollutants are the diversion of chemical waste dumped incorrectly or improperly stored, settling of the soil to the atmosphere of harmful substances, as well as the abundant use of chemicals in agriculture.

In Russia, the soil is contaminated with pesticides almost 8%.Currently, the most likely that almost all water bodies susceptible to anthropogenic pollution.

Effects on human health in chemical terms so diverse that to cope with all of them is impossible.As the scale of production of every day grow in a geometric sequence, and to restore the natural resources required whole tens, and even hundreds of years.

Physical factors

main physical factors negatively affecting the person is - noise, electromagnetic radiation, vibration, electric current.

Let us examine each of the types of negative influence separately.

Noise - a set of sounds, and sounds that may cause trouble or discomfort in the body, and in some cases even the destruction of hearing.So the noise of 35 dB can cause insomnia, noise of 60 dB can irritate the nervous system, 90 dB noise causes hearing fainting, depression, or, on the contrary, leads to an excitation of the nervous system.The noise greater than 110 dB can lead to noise intoxication, which is expressed as alcohol intoxication, as well as for initiating and neurasthenia.The main sources of noise - is transport, both road and rail, and air, as well as enterprises.

Vibration - this oscillatory processes, which can have a wide range of frequencies, resulting from the actions of any mechanism, the transmitted vibrational energy.It may be transport, and business.

electromagnetic radiation, usually transmit radio or television stations, radar installations, all sorts of industrial devices.Constant exposure to electromagnetic fields or radio waves can lead to changes in the nervous or endocrine system.

genetic factors

As a rule, due to the influence of the previous to the previous generation of the population of toxic or polluting substances, which eventually may lead to the descendants of hereditary diseases, and as a consequence - low life expectancy of certain parts of the population.Also, the next generation may be predisposed to certain diseases.


largely depends on the development of health infrastructure in a given country.Because of this it depends directly on the state of health and the duration of his life.Factors determining human health, in this case essential.It takes into account the overall public awareness, financing structures of medicine, the development of innovative technologies and therapies, as well as timely diagnosis, which can only be successful if there is expensive equipment for manipulation.

Try to eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle and not be nervous.From this, your life expectancy will increase for many years.Be healthy!