The lower your cholesterol ?

The lower your cholesterol ?

Everyone knows that cholesterol is bad for the body.However, this is not entirely true statement.Harmful not all cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol only, it was he who scored the arteries and impedes blood flow.

person who has significantly elevated cholesterol levels, doctors prescribe certain drugs, as well as provide advice on the correct way of life.Let's see how to lower cholesterol, if there is no need for medicines, and what to do when rate significantly exceeded.


  1. life exercise regularly!Constant (even small) exercise on the body to stimulate its ability to clean the blood from the fat after a person has eaten.Sports - the best method to reduce the level of saturated fat and, hence, reduce the "bad" cholesterol.
  2. Do not smoke!It is most smokers suffer from low levels of unsaturated fat, which means high cholesterol.
  3. Watch your weight!The greater the body weight exceeds the norm, the more cholesterol your body will produce.The easiest way to avoid excess than lower cholesterol, if he already has accumulated in the body.


  1. Eat garlic, which thins the blood.
  2. Drink milk every day (at least 1 cup).It helps increase "good" cholesterol by 7%.
  3. Eat more fish (preferably boiled).It improves the whole cholesterol by 26%!
  4. Avoid beer.It increases the level of "bad" cholesterol by 7%.Do not abuse alcohol.
  5. Eat fewer eggs and fatty meats.It is better to replace the pork, beef chicken.
  6. Limit your intake of sugar and salt.
  7. Avoid sauces, mayonnaise, meats, fast food.
  8. Include in your diet nuts, because they normalize metabolism and vascular walls make it more flexible.Thus, plaques will be very difficult for them to settle.


  1. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that prevents fatty plaques.
  2. fibric acid derivatives, such as "Atromed - C", "Trikor" or "Lopid".They can accelerate the oxidation of fatty acids in your liver and thus reduce the level of triglycerides and lipoproteins.Statins
  3. eg "Baycol" "Mevacor" or "Lescol".They inhibit the production of enzymes that are necessary for production of cholesterol in humans.