What to do to be healthy ?

What to do to be healthy ?

health of any man - is his wealth.It is in line with the basic human needs, such as food or a kind of continuation.But as a rule, if health is OK, then we are not making any effort to save it.And more often than not cherish it, or cause irreparable harm.So what to do to be healthy and to keep it for many years?These questions will try to answer in this article.

Scientists have proved that our health is 80% dependent on us, on how much we care about right there.And 20% is what is given to us by nature.From experience we know that to maintain their health, and to improve or even restore completely, you can just observing the principles of a healthy lifestyle.Consider the basic positions, which play a major role in the improvement of the human body.

Natural food

How to eat to be healthy?This issue is of concern to many.The answer is very simple.

Any food should be cooked only with fresh, natural products.This should be the rule.The composition of natural products is well known: the natural dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.As a consequence, the full absorption by the body and good.

But the product that artificially enriched with these elements, the same can not be said.It is proved that artificially added vitamins and minerals does not do any good, and if not can cause harm.

As for products containing GMOs, there is no single answer.Scientists are conducting research that could find out exactly what effect they have on our body.Therefore, in this case, all of these products also should be avoided.

Eating desirable at certain times.Eating at the same time positively affects the production of gastric juice.Adhering to this rule, you will soon notice that disappeared digestive problems, and improve the performance of the entire gastrointestinal tract.

no secret that a large number of people suffering from overweight.And the huge role played by overeating.Since the digestive process in humans is slow, the food entering the stomach to digest at once.Only after 2-3 hours it is completely absorbed.A feeling of fullness occurs 20 minutes after starting a meal.And during those 20 minutes, you can eat a lot more than the body needs.So there is overeating.

To avoid this, a number of simple rules must be observed.

  • eat slowly.After 20 minutes, there a feeling of satiety, and you will not want to eat too much.Or leave the table with a slight feeling of hunger.
  • Sticking to small portions of food.One serving is equal to two handfuls of your.
  • If you like to make frequent snacking, it is not best for cakes or cookies, and fruits and vegetables.
  • Include them in your diet as often as possible, as they are well saturated with the body.

Healthy lifestyle - is not only a balanced and proper nutrition.To be healthy you need to follow some more conditions.


every morning to do exercises.Within 10 minutes to carry out any simple exercise.You can use any set of exercises, you can even remember those exercises that are performed in school.And then take a shower, it is desirable contrast.This shower increases blood circulation, and as a consequence, improves nutrition of skin cells.A stream of water hitting the skin, produces a micro massage of the whole body.

As a result, for a long time, you will feel refreshed and energetic.


known that the alternation of mental and physical activity leads to increased efficiency.If two hours continuously perform monotonous work, the muscle metabolism and the accumulation of muscle tone of the products falls.Conclusion: every 2 hours to make a break of at least 10 minutes.

If you can not spend 10 minute active "physical exercises", it is possible to stretch their legs and sitting on a chair.Make the head tilts, stretch, make a circular motion shoulders.As a result you will be satisfied.High performance and excellent state of health during the working day are guaranteed.

Many managers specifically suit a short break after every two hours of work for their employees.There are even specially designed exercises for the office staff.


Doctors strongly recommend to stay in the open air at least two hours a day.And thus it is necessary to move actively.Physical activity in the air, not only improves blood circulation and increases muscle tone, but also enhances immunity.And this is very true in the autumn - winter season.

ski or skate.It is the best combination of physical activity with lung ventilation.

And be sure to go on foot.On the day you need to take at least 1,200 steps.Or 1.2 kilometers.You will gain not only health, but also will develop more endurance.

Now you know what to do to be healthy.These methods of maintaining health is suitable for all, without exception.They will help you to be in great shape.Regular exercise and proper, natural food are the foundation of health.Use them in your everyday life, and the result will not disappoint you.