What kills us?

What kills us?

Many people dream to live a long time and have good health.This natural desire.However, the life expectancy of the average person is 70-80 years.Some live to be 90-95 years old, there are long-lived, which fall short of a hundred, but such units.At the same time, many scientists say that the human body's resources are limitless and anyone can live for at least 150 years, if not longer.Why do people so quickly go to the other world?What kills us?Let's try to answer this question.

If you want to live a long life, you should not rely solely on a good heredity, although it is also an important factor.It is necessary to take into account the adverse environmental conditions, poor environment, the abundance of genetically modified products, which are present in the diet of almost every modern man.Of course, the ideal option - to live close to nature, away from the cities with their dirty exhaust, factories and so on.But not everyone has that opportunity.Really all so sad, and to die in the prime of life?No, a lot is in the hands of man, you only need a little bit to adjust their way of life, and health will improve significantly!

longevity Enemies

noteworthy that the man himself did not hesitate to destroy their health.Modern civilization offers many opportunities to quickly bring yourself to the grave.Here are the main ones:

Bad habits

Alcohol, smoking and drug addiction.About these pests modern society knows all things, and also know what irreparable damage they cause to health.However, alcoholics Army / smoking / drug did not decrease.On the dangers of addiction written and said a lot.Among other things, these habits provoke cardiovascular and oncological diseases, which cause the greatest number of deaths.


No less dangerous is the food, which lies on the shelves in supermarkets.If you eat junk food, fatty and fried foods, are excluded from the diet of fruits and vegetables, do not rely on good health and good spirits.It is also necessary to monitor the amount of food intake, overeating inevitably leads to obesity, which in turn causes gastrointestinal disease, metabolic disorders, and others. Needless to say the quality of modern food that is packed with pesticides, transgenic fats and other chemicalscompounds alien to the human body?Therefore it is necessary to approach carefully to the choice of food.The same applies to household chemicals that can cause serious injury.

sedentary lifestyle

What kills us?Lack of physical activity.Everyone has long known how bad the notorious "sedentary lifestyle".Most of the life of modern man passes in front of a computer screen when he makes a minimum of movement.Without the motor activity of muscles gradually atrophy, and the blood barely flows in the veins.All this - truths, but no reason not in a hurry to follow them.At least 15-20 minutes of exercise a day will tone your body, and the body will tell you thank you for it.

Mental load

stress, depression, mental exhaustion, insomnia, nervous disorders, chronic sleep deprivation - all permanent residents of cities satellites.The endless pursuit of material possessions one forgets about the most important - his own soul.Accumulating aggression, resentment, anger and rage.All these negative emotions are slowly but surely destroying the person inside.Of all the media pours a stream of negativity, which is necessary to protect themselves.It is better instead of sitting in front of a TV and a view of criminal news do themselves and their health.

So we tried to find out in general terms what is killing us.It makes us stronger, on the other hand, a healthy lifestyle and taking care of yourself, as banal as it may sound.Health and long life to you!