How to tie a scarf around his neck ?

How to tie a scarf around his neck ?

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How to tie a scarf around his neck?

scarf - beautiful accessory that can add zest to your outer mind.And thanks to the variety of ways of tying it will always look for new ways to you.Let's talk about how to tie a scarf around his neck.

Cowboy node

This unit looks great combined with clothes, which is enough deep cut.

  1. You will need a square scarf.We fold it diagonally.You should now have a rectangular isosceles triangle.
  2. are wrapped with a handkerchief neck so that the ends were located at the back and right angle - on the chest.
  3. intersecting corners behind.
  4. bind them together with a double knot on the chest.Spreads tissue folds, giving a neat site.
  5. right angle, you can leave the handkerchief hang or tuck under the collar.


knot knotted with this node can freshen handkerchief any sweater and blouses or jackets to give a little bit of French charm.

  1. From handkerchief form a strip 5 cm wide. To do this, wrap the opposite corners of turn towards the center.
  2. resulting band wrapped around your neck so that you can cross the free ends of the back of the head and bring them forward.
  3. aligns ends and tying them together using a single node.
  4. Shift the knot left or right as you like, and tying a second knot.Spreads ends and nodes.

Triple harness

spectacular option for the owners of the long neck.Fasten with the help of this option would be a great replacement scarf banal beads.

  1. Fold scarf in the form of a strip, as in the previous version.
  2. neck wrapping strip so that the free ends were placed on the chest.
  3. Hold both ends of the strip, with the help of rotational movements twirl a scarf into a rope in a clockwise direction.
  4. resulting tow twine around the neck as many times as the width allows handkerchief.
  5. to tie together the corners of the handkerchief.The node must be on the back.The loose ends neatly dressed with a harness.

square knot

you can nicely tie a scarf and with the help of this method.This scarf is a great addition to business style.It looks good with various styles of jackets and blouses.

  1. With the help of our well-known method we put a handkerchief in the form of strips.
  2. wrap the neck resulting strip, the ends should hang freely on the chest.To tie their single node.
  3. plant for more than the long end of the short, forming a loop, which is passed the long end.
  4. Take the same end of the handkerchief and once we start a short, wrap around it and fix, threading it horizontally.We get the two free ends of the back and tie a double knot them.
  5. Spreads decorative square knot and fix our scarf so that it is positioned in the middle of the neck.

Ring harness

great option for girls who want to look extraordinary.If you tie a scarf in a way it will emphasize your style.

  1. From handkerchief form a strip 5 cm wide.
  2. Puts a scarf around your neck so that the loose ends hanging down on his chest and one of them was shorter than the other.
  3. We fix them single node.At the same time the short end in length should be 15 cm.
  4. start to twist in a circle scarf long end.
  5. to tie the ends together and displace the unit back.
  6. Spreads folds handkerchief.

Youth method

  1. Fold scarf diagonally into a triangle.
  2. Stepping back from one of the sharp edges 25 cm, tying a single knot.
  3. Puts scarf so that the right angle located on the chest, and loose ends hanging down his back.
  4. We fix the ends together.We correct handkerchief, ensuring easy playful asymmetry.

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