How to congratulate on the anniversary ?

How to congratulate on the anniversary ?

Jubilee - an important celebration in the life of many people.On this solemn day, usually at the same table together all generations of the family as well as friends and colleagues.That is why it is important to make it memorable.Let's find out how to congratulate the anniversary so that the birthday boy was satisfied and remember this day for years to come.

Getting Started

  • Browse our congratulations on the Internet
  • Find the flower horoscope and horoscope of druids
  • Buy wrapping paper, as well as stockpiles of conventional paper and a pack of colored
  • Get balloons, filled with helium
  • Stock up permanent markers
  • Pick successful photos jubilee


  • holiday loans the organization in advance.If you absolutely do not have the ideas, you can contact the company that is engaged in the organization of holidays.Together, you will be able to choose the scenario that corresponds to the age and interests of the birthday circle.Festival will hold professional actors, which guarantees a lot of fun, and compliance scenario.However, this method has a major drawback - it requires a significant investment of money.
  • If you think about how original congratulations on the anniversary and pay attention to the horoscopes, for example, flowers or the horoscope of the Druids.Find them in the corresponding date of birth birthday tree or flower, which you can buy in a flower shop.Prepare the card to which attach recommendations for care of a plant, as well as found in the horoscope of a description that characterizes a person.Verbal greetings in playful form perfectly complement the gift.You can read the recommendations on the care of a plant, substituting everywhere in the text instead of jubilee plants.
  • Buy balloons filled with helium, in different colors.Prepare your greeting text, for example, in verse.On one or more beads write a permanent marker anniversary date, and the remaining balls leave blank.Let the hero of the day on each bulb will write on any qualities or the things he wants to break free in the new year.When he finished, run all the balls (and the one that was the date) into the sky.Suppose, for birthday it symbolizes the good state of mind, rather than intervening years.
  • Consider how interesting congratulations on the anniversary.Fit video from pictures hero of the day, his relatives and friends, turn to him the lines of favorite poems or the birthday songs, pictures or pieces of his favorite movies.Add aphorisms suitable within the meaning of, and select the appropriate music.congratulations text is also included in the video.Even if you can not mount the video, this kind of congratulations can be made to order for an advertising agency or company for the holidays.
  • Thinking about how beautiful congratulations on the anniversary and pay attention to the picture.Woman celebrates round date, very touched and appreciate it retouched and stylized photo in the frame.Depending on their age and relationship to him hero of the day, using modern photo or earlier years.You can do yourself or stylized to appeal to the professional photographer.A few kind words addressed to the birthday girl, show her all your love and warmth towards her.
  • interesting idea congratulations and gifts hero of the day - this is a game of "find a gift."You need to buy a few small gifts and hide them in different places apartments.Each souvenir gifts need to attach a small greeting in verse and a hint where the birthday boy will be able to find the next gift.Creative imagination, then the hero of the day delighted when he finds the last and most important gift, is provided.

Why do not cost

  • If you think about how cool to congratulate the anniversary, be careful not to overdo it with creativity.Hero of the day can not understand and take offense.
  • Any greeting can not tolerate dry and formal tone.Express your sincere joy and love to the hero of the day.
  • Also avoid insincerity and flattery.Birthday boy it feels and then sadness and bitterness can not be avoided.
  • Do not make compliments hinting at old age hero of the day, as this may make him long for the past.
  • Avoid congratulate in advance, as many believe that this is a bad omen.

In this article, we discussed how to be congratulated on the anniversary, you just have to choose the most suitable way for you to as well as all prepare carefully.Good luck!