How to identify appendicitis ?

How to identify appendicitis ?

Appendicitis is often confused with the beginning of the month, and the poisoning, thus losing precious time.If you know its symptoms, it will be much quicker to consult a doctor for medical care, and thus be able to avoid peritonitis, which sometimes ends in death.

Defining the nature of appendicitis

pains to identify appendicitis in the home, it is necessary first of all to listen to the nature of the pain.As a rule, this illness is a constant wave rolls, poetry in a short period of time and arising again.When appendicitis person feels pain in his right side, but it can be given anywhere.To test his suspicions, you need to stand up and look a bit like.What do you feel?If a piercing pain, we can say with confidence that you have appendicitis.

also one of the signs of this disease is diffuse pain at the beginning of the attack, which subsequently is localized on the right or in the navel.Do not count on the fact that the pain away from you, it will happen only after the removal of the appendix.

diagnose appendicitis in an outsider is possible by means of symptom Shchetkina-Blumberg.Place the patient on his back and ask him to stretch his legs.Then press your fingers gently on the right side of the abdomen just below the navel and at the moment of maximum pressing otdernite hand.If the patient has appendicitis, it is at this point sharply increased to feel pain.Also look at how the patient lies.If he does, pulling his legs to his stomach, immediately call an ambulance, because he had appendicitis, and not food poisoning.

definition of appendicitis on general grounds

Determine appendicitis in the home conditions can be based on common characteristics.Remember that the disease is not accompanied by diarrhea, and the language will not be coated with white bloom.Typically, diarrhea is a symptom of food poisoning, appendicitis to it is irrelevant.It is also important to pay attention to the temperature rise.This symptom indicates purulent inflammation, and as a result, an intoxication.

help determine the appendicitis following manipulations:

  • coughing, appendicitis, you will feel a piercing pain.
  • Bend your index finger and tap the abdomen in the right iliac region.Pain indicates the presence of inflammation of the appendix.Do not hesitate any more.

worth knowing that the appendix in pregnant women changes the place of its location, like other bodies, so it is often localized pain is higher than usual.Also process can be placed close to the back, as a result of this particular man with appendicitis will experience pain that usually accompany kidney infections.

order in such cases to correctly identify the disease, you should read our article - Where is appendicitis.Then you can avoid many mistakes.

definition of appendicitis in children

question of how to identify appendicitis in a child, is very topical, because children often eat unwashed fruits and vegetables, namely bacteria and cause inflammation of the appendix.It is worth noting that the disease in infants is considered to be extremely rare.But with age, it is much more common.If the child complained of pain in his right side, you need to watch him.

See how he is.If he knocks down and writhing in pain when changing the posture, the more likely he appendicitis.Also, when this illness the child will try not to move, because every movement will bring him great discomfort.Feel the baby's stomach.If the slightest pressure-sensitive baby in pain, call your doctor immediately, as delay may result in peritonitis.

If a child is experiencing pain, but you are not sure that he really appendicitis, do not loiter, call an ambulance, because this symptom may indicate the presence of a sufficiently serious diseases.It is best to diagnose them at an early stage.Also before the arrival of the doctor did not put a heating pad on the abdomen, it is not recommended to give laxatives or painkillers.Because your rash actions subsequently may impede further complicate the diagnosis of the disease and the patient's condition.

To determine the presence of appendicitis, symptoms of the disease should be well aware of.To get them, you can be in our article - What are the symptoms of appendicitis.