How to determine a hernia ?

How to determine a hernia ?

Hernia - a frightening word known to all from childhood.Most often, we hear about the umbilical hernia in infants, but there are many other variations.How can you define yourself a hernia, and what symptoms should pay attention to?

hernia is determined by the protrusion of the whole body or its parts from the holes in the anatomical structures under the skin, in the intermuscular spaces and cavities.This protrusion is often visible to the naked eye of the human body, it occurs when a portion of muscle tissue, the retention or other body is stretched and attenuated through hole formed therein.When the hole is sufficiently large, the internal body starts to fall out of it, forming a kind of "bump" or a seal on the body.Hernias are painful and painless, the latter option is more common.

Types of hernia in humans

  • Umbilical hernia.The most common in infants.It is characterized by a bulge around the navel, is painless.In adults, may experience minor pain during weight lifting, coughing and sneezing.
  • Inguinal hernia.Is formed at the outlet portion of the small intestine through the abdominal wall into the groin.Causes complications, life-threatening.It may be asymptomatic.Sometimes there pain when weight lifting, nausea and vomiting, which requires urgent treatment to the doctor.
  • Femoral hernia.Formed in the upper thigh.The most common in women.The symptoms are the same as in the inguinal hernia.
  • Anal hernia.It is a protrusion of tissue around the anus.This pathology is rare, and it is often confused with hemorrhoids.Pains and troubles does not usually cause.
  • herniated discs.Formed at break and protrusion of the spinal disc that clamps passes near the nerve causing the pain in the lumbar region.The pain may increase by sneezing, coughing, exercise, jogging, prolonged standing and sitting.Also in this type of hernia is lost mobility of the spine - a person can not properly straighten his back.

All Hernia pain intensified by the end of the day.

How to umbilical hernia

Determine umbilical hernia may be parents themselves in the newborn baby.It has the form of a small ball with a broad base, connected to the umbilical cord baby.When you cry baby navel swells in front of.

same pathology, only acquired nature, occurs in adults.When standing in the navel is always visible protrusion of the soft (the navel as if turned inside out).In the supine position the seal is lost.Both adults and children in this case necessarily need to consult a doctor in order to decide whether surgery is necessary.

How to inguinal hernia?

suspicion of an inguinal hernia requires immediate treatment to the doctor.Only a specialist can make an accurate diagnosis, supported by surveys on modern medical devices.Pain, induration in the groin, nausea - the most basic features, particularly if they come after the injury.A reliable diagnosis is made after an ultrasound examination of the patient.Inguinal hernia removed only by surgery.

Some hernias over time can become "pinched".In this pathology bulging body ceases to be supplied with blood or block the intestines.This is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical intervention.

details on how the external signs can determine a hernia, you will learn from our other articles - What is a hernia.

«cure» a hernia or traditional methods can not be wearing a special belt, so never self-medicate.If the doctor diagnoses you have a small hernia, he can leave it as is, but under regular surveillance.Wearing a medical bandage, special lifting equipment, doctor recommended, can prevent deterioration.