How to identify a concussion ?

How to identify a concussion ?

The human brain is protected solid bones of the skull and intracranial fluid layer from external influences.But in some cases the impact of the head of the protection may not be enough.The brain hitting the skull vaults, leading to his concussion.Especially dangerous drop his head back.How to identify a concussion?What do I need to do about it?

Concussion Concussion

not always be noticeable immediately.After impact, the head, the person may feel tired, it pulls to sleep.All this is not very concerned about, but the consequences of concussions in the future may seriously complicate life.Therefore, the later will be access to a doctor, they can be harder consequences.

necessary to ensure patient comfort, warm drink before joining your doctor.The final diagnosis is in the hospital after an X-ray, it is better to spend more scans to rule out hemorrhage, edema.It is important to comply with bed rest recovery.

Symptoms of concussion

What are the symptoms of concussion may have seen almost immediately received a blow to the head or fallen?This may be the following symptoms:

  • Immediately after the impact, you can lose consciousness for a few seconds or minutes, not to remember what happened before the collision.
  • may begin to spin or sick head appears lethargy, apathy, loss of coordination, confusion.Quickens breathing, heart rate changes, there are convulsions.
  • addition may be nausea, vomiting.
  • possible occurrence of pain in the eyes, difficulty focusing eyes, pupils of the eyes may be different in magnitude.
  • happens sometimes flushing, sweating, discomfort, sleep disturbance.

Concussion in children

a child is very dangerous concussion.How to determine the presence of his children?What are the symptoms of concussion they are?Concussion in children is quite common injury.Depending on the age, symptoms of concussion in children are different.

Toddlers rarely lose consciousness when concussion.They are usually much crying, behave restlessly, then calm down and fall asleep.But the first night, a baby sleeps restlessly, day refuses to eat, naughty.

Young children headache after concussion is usually held on the second day, in children 3-4 years of headache that is amplified, it is weakened.In older children the headache continues for much longer.

have children under three years of weak visible symptoms, mainly: low muscle tone and blood vessels, as well as the revival of reflexes.

Children older than 4 years.When concussion eye pupils react poorly to light, violated the general movement of the eyes, as well as the weakness the lower facial muscles.

sure to need a doctor to such children.Before arrival of the doctor the child must be put, unbutton clothes.During treatment, at home the child needs a complete rest: it is impossible to play, listen to music, watch TV and talk.

Concussion any human being - it's an adult or a child, their dangerous consequences.It is therefore important at the time to see a doctor and to comply with all the recommendations!