Hepatitis B: how to spread?

Hepatitis B: how to spread?

Hepatitis B is a viral disease that causes hepatitis B virus (may be referred to as "HB virus", of HBV or HBV).This virus is very stable, can maintain vital functions in the external environment to a few weeks.In spite of this, cure hepatitis B can be quickly and efficiently, as well as to avoid infection.

To avoid infection it is necessary to know how to pass hepatitis B who may be at risk and how to protect themselves from infection.

How is Hepatitis B: infection ways

  • In hairdressers, tattoo parlors, hospitals can contract hepatitis B if there are not complied with health standards and tools do not pass a thorough treatment.In hospitals, sick with hepatitis B can be a blood transfusion from a sick person healthy if it was not checked for viruses.To protect themselves from infection, choose a well-known organization where professionals work, carefully monitor the cleanliness of the premises and working tools.Typically, such organizations have a lot of positive feedback, they are popular, and they have all the necessary documents.
  • In everyday life, you can get hepatitis B when used with a patient of the same hygiene, which can damage the skin: a shaving razor, nail tools, scissors, syringes.
  • virus transmission through sexual contact is likely 30%.The greatest risk of contracting hepatitis B is a person who has many sex partners.
  • also risk of developing hepatitis B susceptible to drug addicts who use a syringe to inject drugs into their veins.
  • infected mother can infect her baby during pregnancy or childbirth.In pregnancy, the infection occurs in the case of damage to the placenta.The risk of infecting a young child is very large, so after the birth of every child, regardless of his sick mother or not, be sure to make a vaccine against hepatitis B. A small amount of the virus from an infected mother is found in breast milk, but it is possible to feed the baby, as the riskthere is no infection.

mechanism of transmission of hepatitis B virus in

We reviewed the modes of transmission of hepatitis B. However, you can get sick, and in a variety of domestic cases, provided that there is a favorable situation for the transmission of the virus.To protect yourself, you need to know what the mechanism of transmission of hepatitis B virus

The virus is carried in a healthy body with body fluids (sweat, blood, saliva, urine, feces) of the sick person, which penetrate into healthy blood (through skin lesions).It is believed that you can not get hepatitis B through intact skin, as well as for arms, food, and so on. D.

disease may be asymptomatic, but may also exhibit some symptoms of hepatitis B. These include yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes, severe fatiguenausea, dark urine, abdominal pain.If any of these symptoms occur you for a long time, you should check with your doctor.

People at risk

Now you know how transmitted hepatitis B. Another useful to know which people most likely to get sick with hepatitis B.

Most often this type of hepatitis are sick adults aged 20-50 years.Teenagers are now suffer less because of high quality and timely vaccination.If we talk about specific groups of people more than others prone to infection with hepatitis B, it is possible to identify the following:

  • people who have many sexual partners, or entering into a sexual relationship with someone who is sick with hepatitis B, as well as sexual partners of sick people;
  • children sick mothers;
  • men who have homosexual sex;
  • people who use drugs through syringes;
  • workers in the health sector;
  • hepatitis family members of the patient;
  • patients on hemodialysis;
  • people who receive frequent blood transfusions.

How to protect yourself from being infected with hepatitis B

exact a guarantee that a person will not develop hepatitis B is only for those who are already ill with them, and vaccinated people.All other more or less prone to risk of infection.

To check the risk of infection with hepatitis can pass the blood test for the presence of HBsAg antigen and antibodies to it.To secure the protection, timely vaccinated, observe good personal hygiene, treat wounds and other skin damage and do not allow their contact with non-sterile items.Choosing a hair salon, a hospital, a tattoo parlor, and so on. N., Find out about the organization as much as possible information, evaluate how well it is observed purity of space and hygiene tools.It is better to choose a popular, proven their quality organization.Took seriously to the choice of sexual partner, eliminate casual sex.

In milder forms of hepatitis B from the body itself cure the disease, but there are also severe, which can lead to serious diseases - cancer and cirrhosis of the liver.Therefore, treatment of hepatitis B is necessary in any case.

Now that we know how to pass hepatitis B who are most at risk of infection and how to protect themselves from this disease, you can do everything possible, so they do not get sick, as well as protect them from this their loved ones.