How not to get infected with chickenpox ?

How not to get infected with chickenpox ?

Chickenpox (varicella) is a highly contagious viral infection that manifests itself in higher temperatures and abundant skin rash, accompanied by severe itching.Those who had contact with sick chicken pox, it infected in 90% of cases.That is why it is very important to know how not to get infected with chickenpox, because timely prophylaxis to help prevent the development of dangerous complications.

main methods of prevention

Chickenpox is transmitted by airborne droplets and is spreading fastest in children's groups.Learn more how you can get infected with chickenpox is told in the articles on our website, How could I get chicken pox and How is chickenpox.Cure for this disease does not exist, so the main opportunity to escape from it - respect for basic prevention measures, namely:

  1. insulation.Having learned about the epidemic of chickenpox, the best way of prevention - timely isolation of patients.It is especially important time to isolate the pregnant women, infants and the elderly.
  2. Compliance with the rules of hygiene.If the family was ill child, regardless of hurt any other family members before the chickenpox (the virus can become ill and again) or not, you must comply with all quarantine rules: isolate the patient a separate bowl and hygiene, wash it of clothes and bed linens separatelyfrom things healthy people.
  3. Kvartsevanie premises.If there is a quartz lamp, it is necessary to regularly kvartsevat room - it will significantly reduce the chance of contracting chickenpox.
  4. varicella vaccination.While vaccination against chickenpox is not included in the list of mandatory, but it will it is possible to vaccinate children from one year and without a history of adults.Vaccination is usually well tolerated, provides a stable long-lasting immunity, and even save us from a dangerous recurrence of varicella - zoster.
  5. quarantine announcement in the school.Given the way the children are infected with chickenpox, the duration of quarantine must be at least 21 days after the discovery of the last patient.

Knowing how not to get infected with chickenpox, you can protect yourself and your family from this disease and related serious complications.