How to choose a player?

How to choose a player?

player word derived from the English «player», which translates to lose.Player - a portable audio or video device.In addition, there are stationary players, for example, to play DVD disks.How to choose the best player in quality and price?Let's investigate.

How to select MP3-player

assortment of MP3-players is huge.There are models of various shapes and designs that support a variety of functions.In addition, players may have different memory capacity.The following parameters should be taken into account to select the MP3 player:

sound and picture quality

These parameters are the most subjective in selecting the player.Modern players have approximately the same characteristics of sound, in order to make a decision, you should listen to themselves the quality of the music being played.The sound quality can also affect the headphones.Therefore, especially for testing, you should use the most high-quality headphones.

Additional features

The player can be a large number of different functions, in addition to playing music.For example, voice recorder, radio, alarm clock and even games.You decide what features you want to have in the player.

capacity battery

Now MP3 players battery built in, so if the street you battery dies, then it will not be possible to replace it.Therefore, consider the battery capacity.Average duration - up to 15 hours.But if you listen to a lot of music, you should choose the capacity of the batteries, allowing the player to work longer.For example, 30 - 50 hours.

Touch or mechanical control

Now manufacturers are increasingly began to produce players with touch controls.Especial no difference in the operation selection control system depends on the person.For some, the touch buttons - the best option, others can not imagine music without switching characteristic of depression.

Memory capacity

is believed that this characteristic is probably the most important.It is advisable to choose the player with support for bulk flash cards, especially if you plan to watch videos.As a rule, complete the internal memory of the player is 4-16 GB, excluding flash cards.

design and appearance

How to choose the player, depending on the design - it's up to you again.It is important to take into account, for which you need a player.If you listen to music during training, it is better to take a small player.If you want to occasionally watch the video, it is logical that the player would be a bit more.No need to buy too big players - they are uncomfortable to listen to on the street.After all, the main quality player - compactness.

How to choose a DVD player

Players of this kind are designed to play video and audio CDs.DVD player may be stationary or portable.The first option is connected to a TV, portable player has its own screen.

To select a dvd player, we must be guided by the following characteristics, because the image quality depends on the device.

video formats

All players without exception, can play DVD and CD discs.Today, however, it is becoming more common Blu-ray discs, video quality which at times better.So you should choose a player with support for Blu-ray.

Connecting to a TV

all the usual colored cables, the so-called component, it is now too old.Therefore, it is better to prefer the modern cable - DVI, and even better HDMI.True, it is necessary to stipulate if the TV you do not have a new model, then these outputs can not be.

Additional features

The DVD players can find a lot of useful functionality, for example, turning off the film at a certain time or the ability to record video broadcasts.Therefore, carefully read the functions of the player to choose what you need.

How to choose a portable player

If you travel a lot, you can choose a portable player.This is a classic DVDshnik with the screen and the ability of battery life.When choosing a portable music player, note the following settings:

display screen is hardly a major part of your portable player.Therefore, do not save a bad screen models.It is important to be with higher resolution, as well as important and viewing angle, to the video can be viewed in any orientation.


All portable player internal speakers.Listen to the sound quality, it must be of high quality, not fonit, not pop.Also, be sure to check that the connectors for headphones and external speakers.


If you want to watch a variety of TV channels, then look for a model with tuner - it will allow to connect to the TV.


Portable players can operate independently from the network.Choose the model in which the work is the network up to 5 hours - this will allow you to enjoy video on the go.

So, now you know how to choose the player.Remember that before you make a purchase, you need to carefully look at the player, to try all the features.Only then you will understand, it is suitable for you or not.