How to read a poem ?

How to read a poem ?

Starting since kindergarten, and then - at the elementary, middle and high schools, we teach a variety of poems included in the general education program.But if anyone can remember the verse of a child, learned to read beautifully - not everyone.Why is this happening and how to read a poem, try to tell you in this article.

soul poet

These verses - we open soul of a poet.In them, he puts his feelings, experiences (especially if it is - lyrics).Why do we often sadly talk about what needs to light heart, awaken the senses to bring the awareness of love and kindness, wisdom and tenderness?But often, many people read poetry without expression, ugly and boring, tambourine himself.In the poem, play an important role intonation content, diction, excitement, passing the text through the prism of his senses.On what genres of poetry there, read the article How to define the genre of the poem.

Some poems read rules

  • Learn the text "by heart", so as not to distract and not think: and what follows this line, already told you.Perfect knowledge of the text makes it more time and effort given to the correct intonation of the verse.
  • is necessary to work on diction.You agree that lisping pronunciation, burr, stuttering is not conducive to the proper perception of the works of the listener.The way you pronounce words, combine them into phrases, sentences, fragments, very much depends.
  • Follow intonation punctuation.Point - long pause.Comma - small.The exclamation point means raising tone, dot - recession.
  • When Declamation delve into the meaning of the work as possible.Empathize with the author.It is no wonder that the poems read by talented performers, have the same high artistic value, as well as works that articulated by the author.
  • can not hurry.Have reasonable pauses makes reading more expressive.
  • Highlight phrases intonation: ascending or descending.The presence of a musical ear reader greatly simplifies the task.Indeed, many verses are read in a singsong voice, as if imitating the singing.
  • Work on facial expressions and gestures.They help to express what has not yet expressed a voice (it is possible to carry out training in the mirror).

more about artistic creativity more in our article How to write a poem.