Throwing to smoke ?

Throwing to smoke ?

We often hear that smoking is an acquired reflex and give it up is easy, just need some willpower.This is quite a misconception.Smoking - it's a habit, and the habit is always difficult to change.And, considering that this is not an easy habit, and a certain kind of drug addiction, say goodbye to it doubly difficult.When a smoker asks throw to smoke, he first thinks about it and not lose his "I", if stop smoking.For many smokers, the smoking process is gradually becoming an integral part of the man himself.

First, nothing prevents to try a cigarette.And before you know it, as smoking has become inveterate habit.The fact that tobacco contains nicotine, which is one of the strongest poisons.The farm use nicotine as an insecticide.Any form of tobacco smoking promotes penetration of nicotine in the blood of man.Within seven seconds, after the penetration of nicotine into the lungs, it enters the brain.

About nicotine

It should be noted that nicotine significantly speeds up heart rate, increases the concentration of blood sugar is the cause of light and medium brain excitability of the cerebral cortex.It also has a relaxing effect on the peripheral muscles, and can reduce the peripheral blood.Nicotine addiction is very dangerous.People who started smoking recently, installs quickly, peculiar to them, tightening depth, as well as a certain level of nicotine in the blood.But heavy smokers need nicotine occurs after reducing its concentration in the blood.

On the dangers of smoking

effects of smoking are extensive and destructive.At a smoker increases the risk of coronary heart disease, gastritis, hypertension, stomach ulcers.They also have an order of magnitude more common bronchitis, chronic laringofaringit, emphysema, lung cancer and pulmonary fibrosis.

Can I just quit smoking?It is usually possible and necessary.With the gradual weaning still persists desire to consume nicotine.Therefore it is better to stop smoking in one fell swoop.For smoking cessation is very widely used nicotine patches and gum different.

As the new study, male smokers have a higher risk of impotence.As it turned out, among male smokers who smoked an average of one pack a day, impotent by 24%, than among those who do not smoke.And, among those who smoked more packs, impotence, increased risk by 39%.

smoke composition

Thinking over whether to quit smoking, consider one more thing - the composition of tobacco smoke.It contains methane, argon, ammonia, acetaldehyde, argon, butimalin benzene, DDT, ethylamine, methanol, formaldehyde serovodorol, methylamine, hydroquinone, and carbon monoxide and a compound of nickel.

Everything else, even the smoking person inhales and radiation.Light smoker receive a dose of radiation, which is approximately 300 X-rays.The man who smokes constantly, receives the resin, as well as other hazardous substances that accumulate in the body.They are also the cause of lung diseases, and carried by the blood to the lymph nodes, liver and other organs.These harmful ingredients are also responsible for the development of atherosclerosis.

should be noted that there are still publishing that report and the positive moments of smoking.As experts say smoking reduces the risk of diseases of the joints, lowers the risk of Parkinson's disease, lowers the risk of death in some types of heart attacks, and prevents obesity.

Maybe so, but, here, the negative aspects of these facts, is unlikely to be able to cross.

Do I have to quit smoking, to decide, of course, you.But think of those for whom a detrimental exposure to secondhand smoke - in fact they have no choice.

If people come to the fact that he wanted to say goodbye to this addiction.Having come to this not easy for a smoker, the decision before a smoker raises the question: how easy is it to quit smoking?For him to give a clear answer, no one can.Those who have a similar and, most importantly, successful experience, it is easy to tell.T. to. They have already gone through it and are now enjoying the result.People who have tried to quit and failed, will insist that it is an impossible task.But we should remember that in this matter it all depends entirely on you!Think about whether you like the taste of tobacco smoke, the smell of your fingers afterwards and yellow plaque on the nails and teeth?It's nice if you in the morning when not smoked a cigarette, put a T-shirt in which smoked all day yesterday?I like the smell?Hardly.Therefore, when you doubt whether to quit smoking, better think: whether to continue and why.

Is it possible to quit smoking?Can.And even need.