What to March 8 ?

What to March 8 ?

first spring festival worth mentioning as it should.Osbenno March 8 waiting women.And not only because of the gifts.Additional output - a golden opportunity to be with family and friends, have a party, romantic dinner, and just get through the day for yourself is good, if a man will prepare the feast.But if this is not at hand, do not worry, you can organize and most wonderful holiday!How to be held on March 8 to this day memorable and stand out in a series of everyday routine?

On the border of winter to spring

Although March and is considered the first month of spring, the greater part of Russia at this time is still snow.And this is more "plus" than "minus".After all, we are available and spring and winter activities.For example, my friends have a tradition: every March 8, they are absorbed in the first barbecue of the year.But it's not just the eating of meat in nature, they combine it with skiing from the mountains or skiing.

So if you are a lover of outdoor activities and do not know how to spend the holiday on March 8 boldly go up the hill, skating rink or just take a walk in the winter woods yet.Remember, soon the snow melts, and this possibility will not issue until the next winter.

forward - to new experiences

Snow snow and in the air already smell of spring and the desire for change.Why not go on a weekend trip?Of course, time is not too much, just a couple of days off.But not necessarily to go to distant lands.Think, but do you know the good surroundings of his native city and his region?Certainly, if you dig on the Internet, it appears that far from you have a very interesting place.Prior to that, and to go far, and see what there is.

already traveled all over the whole neighborhood, and the soul asks abroad?Today, almost all the major tour operators offer two or three-day trips to many different countries.In this mini-journey go great together with your loved one to a romantic setting for a break from everyday life.

Gift for myself

March 8 - Women's Day the most.Why not treat yourself to a beauty salon, massage and shopping?Ladies, forget even for a day on business.Do not wash the dishes, did you have time tomorrow.Do not skimp on costumes.Once a year, you can afford to shikanut.And yes, at least for a day throw their diets.Slice of chocolate cake still did not kill anyone!

way, advice for young people who were at a loss about what to give your favorite: Bring a gift to her all day.In the morning, prepare breakfast and drove to the cafe.Then take away in the spa, walk with her to the shops, and even in this day do not complain of fatigue and did not scold for spending.In conclusion - a romantic dinner, candles, roses in a bed ... Believe me, to do all this is not that difficult, and will be remembered for a long day.

in native walls

not always favorable weather March 8, sometimes for the first month of spring are blowing Chillwind as the nose on the street does not vysunesh!Do not need.Arrange a holiday can be in the apartment.Options for how to spend the March 8 at home weight.From a family dinner with parents and children to a romantic dinner for two.

And you can arrange a bachelorette party.Invite friends, watch movies for women, arrange fights pillows and pajama party.Why not?In every woman at any age live a little girl.

main thing is that this day was a holiday with a capital letter and remembered for a long time.And you feel like a queen!