How to make a collage in Photoshop ?

How to make a collage in Photoshop ?

Before Photoshop to make a collage, let's see what it is.A collage is a picture made up of individual pictures connected by one idea and arranged in one common composition.That is, simply distribute the photo on the general background can not be called collage.

Before you get started you need to come up with an idea that will be a key factor in the choice of images.For example, take a simple situation.You went in the summer with his girlfriend in Egypt and want a memento of the trip to make it inexpensive gift.Make a collage in Photoshop, it is better suited for this.And so, the idea is there.The camera has long ceased to be a luxury item, so each person after the trip is a lot of photos.Select the background.It can be a photo taken by you, and any picture from the Internet.The main condition, the background is the foundation of the composition and ideas.Since we are doing a collage on a trip to Egypt, and the background should be the picture with the image of the pyramids, the sphinx, etc.pointing to objects belonging a particular country.Select a picture, open it using Photoshop.Next, choose photos of which will consist of our collage.It is not necessary to make them a lot.Usually enough 4-6 pieces.Now the background image is of secondary importance.The main thing it is you and / or your girl.BUT!Photos should show that you are a woman it is in Egypt.If you have photos of Prilep, where your girlfriend throws a snowball, it will look very out of place.Open turns selected photos in Photoshop.In order to transfer the photos on the general background, perform the following steps:

Fully highlight the selected photo.The default settings in Photoshop, is a combination of keys Ctrl + A. You can select in the top menu bar "selection (setting)" --- "all (all)".

Next, copy, Ctrl + C keys or the menu "Edit (Edit)" --- "Copy (Copy)"

Open the tab with the background, press Ctrl + V or the menu "Edit (Edit)" -- "Paste (Paste)" copy image will appear on your background.

One caveat.The image that you pasted, may be different in size to the background.On the field, the program has a small window with tabs for "layers (Layer)", "History (History)", "Channels (Channel)," Brush (Brush) "," Styles (Styles), etc.At this point, we only need the "Layers" and "History".The rest can be closed so as not to occupy working space.Click the tab "Layers" and select the image that is pasted, it is highlighted in blue in the tab.Next, press Ctrl + T or the menu "Edit (Edit)" --- "Free Transform (Free transformation)".frame appears.Hold down the Shift key, for area frames reduce the photo to the desired size.The same thing we do with the rest of the photos that you choose.When all the pictures will appear in the background, you can proceed to their location.To do this, click the tab "Layers", select the desired photo and drag it to the desired place you in the background.With the shortcut Ctrl + T can not only change the size of the photo, but also turn the picture at some angle.It will be interesting to watch the collage.

Optionally, you can handle the photos edges.To do this, just go to the top menu "Layer" and select "Layer Style (style)".The tab "Shadow (Shade)", "Stroke (Inking)", "Embossing (Stamping)", etc.and experiment with these filters.It can be just a little to dissolve the edges of photos.To do this, on the left, in the toolbar, select the icon "Eraser (Rubber)".The menu will appear at the top of the settings in which transparency can be changed.After selecting the tool and clicking the right mouse button on the image and you can set the diameter of the eraser.Then a good enough reason for a photo edges, and you will see how they become transparent.Now you know how to make a collage in Photoshop to quickly and accurately.All your further actions and the result of the work depends on the imagination and photoshop knowledge.