How to get a map of the Pole ?

How to get a map of the Pole ?

Today Pole card can get people from many countries, including citizens of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Estonia and so on.This document certifies that the holder has an affiliation with the Polish people.Before we tell you how to get a map of the Pole, let's talk about the privileges that can get the owner of this document.

Benefits cardholder Pole

person possessing such a document may be:

  • work legally in Poland even without a work permit;
  • free to make a long-term visa for stay in Poland;
  • equally with Polish citizens engaged in entrepreneurial activities;
  • enjoy in the territory of Poland for free education and health care system;
  • In Poland enjoy a 37% discount on the train fare;
  • free access to all public museums in Poland;
  • receive funds that are designed to support the Poles living abroad.

What you need to do to get a map of Polish

This document can be issued to any Pole who lives abroad.In order to get a map of the Pole should:

  • know the Polish language, at least at a basic level.Thereby confirming their connection with Polish culture;
  • Know and comply with Polish traditions and customs;
  • In the presence of the Polish consul to apply in writing, of belonging to the Polish nation;
  • Prove that you are a Pole or at least one of your ancestors was a Pole by birth or citizenship (required original documents confirming this fact, as well as photocopies).

Card of the Pole produces directly consul, at your place of residence.

So, let's take a closer look at the whole process in order:

  1. collect the necessary documents.Among these documents shall be: the birth certificate of the applicant or one of its ancestors, which states that a person is of Polish nationality, the applicant's passport, original and copy of passport.
  2. Next, you need to fill out a questionnaire Polish Card.It can be as found on the Internet and get any Consulate of Poland or Polish diaspora organizations in your city.The questionnaire should be pasted picture.
  3. Call Consular Section in your city and arrange a meeting.
  4. takes with him all the documents and come to the meeting.Keep in mind that most likely, the consul will talk to you in Polish.
  5. About a month later, when the conversation went well, and the documents in order, you can get a map of the Pole.Of course, it should be mentioned that all applications are considered individually, so the date of receipt of this document may be either smaller or larger.

Now you know how to get a map of the Pole.To do this, you need a minimum of documents, but the knowledge of the Polish language, and sometimes is the deciding factor.