How to play paintball ?

How to play paintball ?

Our today's article will be devoted to this fascinating modern game like paintball.You will learn how to play paintball to prepare for the match, and much more.Well, we begin, of course, with the choice of clothing and various accessories, because safety is paramount.

Paintball Clothing

So, what is necessary clothing and ammunition for paintball?This question is asked by many beginners.The main advice is: with a need to be sure to take extra clothes as well as shoes, so that you can comfortably spend time after a paintball match and get home without any problems.In itself, it is desirable to wear all that is not very sorry: suit and jeans and a sweater and tracksuit and winter underwear is a great option.Of course, nothing wrong with your clothes will not happen, but you will almost certainly sweat, and if wet run more or less comfortable, it's going then - not very much, besides the cold time of the year it can be fraught with serious cold.Well, in addition, paintball suits and overalls, which will be given to you before the game can get wet and even a little leakage of dye.Of course, paint is water-soluble and easily satisfied with this content, but also good clothes is better not to risk it - because it may tear in the heat of battle.By the way, the paint is also absolutely safe for health, because paintball consist mainly of gelatin.But about clothes it is necessary to add that it is extremely desirable to wear vodonepromokaemye suits for paintball, because all people sweat a lot in them, which will lead to fogging face shield, and thus it is impossible to respond adequately to the situation arising in the game.Now about how to dress for paintball, move on to a description of the game, and the first few words to say about the ammunition.

Weapons and armor

In order to be able to play paintball, you need to buy or rent at least an elementary equipment.And here begins the subtleties, because without special protective masks, as well as weapons - the marker on the field we do simply nothing.We will not dwell here on the transfer of models and various merits of certain equipment, also will not talk about its price because in most cases you all the tools required to provide the organizers of the paintball match - and not only give, but also to teach them to use.Suffice it to say that the mask - is the main protection of any paintball player, and a marker (a device that spits out balls, a kind of machine) will become your main offensive weapon.The mask and a marker requires special skills and handling.And here begins the rules of paintball, which we give to you in the form of a list, it is so much easier you will learn them.

Rules paintball

three basic rules apply to the treatment with a mask and a marker.So:

  • In no case and under no circumstances do not remove the masks on the playing field.
  • Never point the marker on the person, if you are out of the playing field, or if the person on the field suddenly appeared without a mask.
  • If you are out of the game, your token must be on guard.

By following these three simple rules, you will save both yourself and others from any injuries.If you have learned them well, you already it is possible to entrust the marker and release even on the field at the baptism of fire.However, to have a mask and a marker - it does not mean to be paintball, because you need to also be able to use them.With the mask all very easy - it just does not have to be removed, but must be treated with a marker so that the fall in the opponent - at least sometimes.And also need to be able to not only shoot, but also to hide, because if you fall, you're out of the game.And here comes into its own tactics.

combat tactics

First of all, note that Paintball - a team game, alone on the field against a whole team of "survive" is practically impossible, even if it is a big pro.Therefore, consider the following rules based on this information.

  • If you completely hide behind cover, there is no doubt, will remain unaffected, but to anybody and will not fall, and do not even see.That is why with each successive fight aktivnichat try more, and how to do it, will rule number two.
  • Remember that the game is better to act simply and effectively than florid and spectacular.Forget about shooting in a jump, rolls - is rarely allowed himself even aces paintball.If you look at how the professionals play, from the sight of all of them it is extremely simple.Short rush between shelters and short, but directed the queue because of the shelters.Simple, but effective, because these movements have honed to automaticity.
  • Choose the right position on the playing field, that is, take a such a position that allows you to conveniently firing, to quickly and easily change their place at the site and give you maximum visibility not only their players, but also players of the enemy.That is why you can not always sit in the same place, because the situation in paintball (especially when it comes to competition in the hall, that is paintball sports, rather than tactical in the street) will change with kaleidoscopic rapidity.
  • Captain - the main figure in the team, it is necessary to listen.I remember my first paintball match.The team we had three, two of whom were playing at all for the first time, but our captain was a true professional (well, strong amateur), and thanks to him we won the tournament of the four participating teams, two of which are regularly participate in paintball tournaments.And one of the most memorable victory, because we survived and won three to six.But these victories would not have happened if we did not listen to the captain's mate.
  • And the last rule: Respect the opponent!This paintballer will never shoot at close range in an unsecure place of the enemy, he will not shoot and the affected player previously.And besides, he would never put himself above any other player on the court - even a beginner.Well, the latest pro paintball - age.The game is open to all those who at the beginning of the game is already 12 years old.