How to choose a bike ?

How to choose a bike ?

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How to choose a bike?

Many want to keep fit, without leaving home.Usually, such people simply do not have time to go to the gym.Then they decide to buy a bike.But not everyone understands what kind of bike is best to buy, what characteristics they have and what their optimal price.

Let us consider how to choose the right bike for home.

How to choose a bike home

Fitness equipment are significantly different from each other, so you need to choose an exercise bike carefully.First of all, you need to pay attention to several points:

  • budget purchase.Many people have pre-determined spending for which they are willing to go in order to buy goods.Based on them, they are choosing the exercise bike;
  • Features bike.It is always important to determine in advance what characteristics and Soup necessary for you to exercise, and which will be superfluous.This allows you to select a viable option for price and quality;
  • Appearance.For many people, the appearance of the simulator and its colors play an important role, but the item is not as important, because the manufacturers are always supply the standard models on the market, and custom are expensive.

All these purchase options are important, but the main question that arises is - is what type of bike to choose and what are the advantages and disadvantages.

Which to choose an exercise bike: Tips

bikes are divided by type, so it is important to choose wisely, because each type has advantages and disadvantages.Let us consider each type in detail:

  • Portable bikes.This type of bike is very convenient due to its compactness.It can be put under the table and pedal sitting.It does not take much space and consists of a block, the pedals and the computer.However, such a machine is not particularly suited for serious training, and special functionality is no different.Its main function - the warm-up;
  • bicycle ergometer equipped with a very powerful computer, which is great for setting precise criteria workout.This simulator is quite popular home and medical institutions.It is used for serious training or rehabilitation.In addition, the simulator is connected to the computer, where you can save the results and maintain a training log.However, there are drawbacks - the high cost of the simulator, the cost of electricity, the inability to work without electricity and expensive repairs;
  • Magnetic exercise bikes work, as the name implies, on a magnet.Load regulated approach and removing the magnet from the mechanism.A big plus of the simulator are: no noise at work, an excellent imitation cycling, fine-tuning of the load, a powerful computer that will help customize a workout individually rare breakdowns.However, by the disadvantages include the high cost of purchase and maintenance.In addition, you should choose a simulator with a large flywheel to load regulation was smooth and accurate;
  • Belt exercise bike is the most inexpensive and simple trainer for home.Buy it will not be difficult for the low-budget, but should take into account some special features: the flywheel mass must not be less than 3 kg, the bike produces considerable noise during operation, the computer does not possess functionality and progress at work will not be smooth and natural;
  • drum simulator is more effective compared to the belt, but it weighs a lot more, and repairs would cost more than any other type of bike.The advantages include a high load on the muscles, an excellent simulation of drive and less noise during operation.

Of all the simulators makes sense to choose a magnet, if finances allow, or shoe, if the budget is modest.

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