How to create a new apple id?

How to create a new apple id?

to work with any iOS-gadget requires Apple ID - a special account that will work with all special "apple" services - iTunes, App Store, etc.This article will talk about how you can create a new Apple ID.

Apple ID via iTunes

  1. Install iTunes on your computer.The boot image is best downloaded from the official Apple website.Go to the link, specify the version you want to download, enter the e-mail and click the "Download" button.
  2. Open the iTunes, turn on the iTunes Store tab, click "Login" button.
  3. In the window that appears, select "Create Apple ID".
  4. reaffirm their desire to create ID, clicking the "Continue" (Continue), then accept the user agreement by clicking "Agree" (I agree).
  5. Here parameters window appears, specify:
    • Email - email address;
    • Password - password;
    • Security Info - secret question;
    • Optional Rescue Email - "alternate" e-mail address;
    • Enter your date of birth - date of birth;
    • Would you like to receive the following via email?- Note this item check, if you want to be aware of the Apple news.
  6. Click "Continue" button to get to the window you enter your billing information parameters.This is necessary to make purchases in iMagazinah.
  7. Hit "Create Apple ID" (Create Apple ID), check e-mail, specified during registration ID, turn on the sent link.All!Apple ID is created and activated!

Apple ID using iOS-devaysa

  1. Take your iPhone or iPad, go to "Settings", then iTunes Store, App Store, and select "Create a new Apple ID".
  2. Select the country in which the registered ID, click "Next" (Next).
  3. acceptance of the User Agreement by clicking "Agree" (I agree).
  4. Enter all the required data, by analogy with step 5 of the previous instruction.
  5. enter your billing information, click "Next".
  6. Go to the email account you used to create ID, turn on the link in the received email.This entry was posted and activated!

Create Apple ID without payment information

Many users are afraid to indicate when registering your credit card, but there is a way that will make Apple ID without your billing information.To do this:

  1. Go to the iTunes menu and "iTunes Store" choose "App Store", turn to the section "Top Free Apps" (Top free apps).
  2. Select any necessary free application and click on the entry "Free" (free of charge) under its icon.
  3. We click on "Create Apple ID", perform steps 4.5 first instruction.
  4. window filling billing under the inscription "Please select a payment method" (Select a payment method), select "None" (No), click "Create Apple ID".Done!Now you have the ID, and your first application download with it.Do not forget to enter the email-address indicated when registering and click on the link in the corresponding letter.Thus, you activate your ID.

That's it!Now that you know how to create a new apple id.More about one method by which it is possible to have Apple ID, read our article Where to get Apple id.