How to create an image in UltraISO?

How to create an image in UltraISO?

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How to create an image in UltraISO?

Disk images are needed in many cases.They are useful when you need to put together the installation packages that consist of many small files, and some games will not play without the disk image.The image can be made in the program UltraISO, though she paid, but it copes with its task.

create an image in UltraISO

  1. Run UltraISO.
  2. Create a name to our way - that is what we will see when you mount the image in the future.To do this, you need to right-click on the drive name and select "Rename", then you can select a desired name.
  3. Adding the necessary files to the target image.In this case it is very useful to be "Explorer", which is located in the lower part of the program - of which you can add to the image of the selected files and folders.
  4. Saves the selected data in an image file.
  5. To carry out the store, you must go to the "File" menu and select "Save As."
  6. In the dialog box, you can choose where to save the image file, what will be its name as well as its format.UltraISO program is able to save images of several formats - ISO, mdf / mds, icz, img, nrg, and cue.One of the most common formats is ISO.
  7. Save the image file.
  8. After clicking "Save" will be a progress bar, which will be filled to the extent of creating an image of your selected files and folders.

Check availability

  1. agree on the creation of a virtual drive If you are installing the program (or you can create it later).
  2. Open the program UltraISO.
  3. click the right button in the image.
  4. Select a virtual drive.
  5. Push the button "Mount."

Now you know how to create a disk image using UltraISO.Through this program you can also create a bootable USB flash drive.How do you learn in the article How to create a bootable USB flash drive UltraISO.The images can be created in other programs, read more here: How to create a disk image, How to create an image file.