How to create an application ?

How to create an application ?

Mobile Applications seriously make our lives easier, allowing you to quickly and easily solve various problems.Applications now just a huge amount, and, nevertheless, room for imagination is still very high.Sometimes we come to mind are great ideas, and we think: "What a pity that I do not know how to do this!".This article analyze how to create a mobile app and what it will require knowledge.

hard way

Most "smart" devices today run on one of the systems - Android, iOS and Windows Phone.Each of them works in its programming language, and therefore a different approach here.For now the most popular Android require knowledge of Java, iPhone and other "apple" gadgets - Objective C, and for Windows Phone - C #.In addition, the need is also a good possession of a graphical editor to create a unique shell application.

Of course, if you know one of these languages ​​and a great Photoshop user, writing applications will not be easy.You just need to download the necessary development environment to write a program to provide the necessary graphics and debug.In general, in this regard the creation of the application is no different from creating the program.

simple way

But what if you have no particular desire or ability to learn programming languages, and application to create still want to?To help you, come special online services that allow you to create a good application without special knowledge.Let's see what possibilities exist in this regard, for the three most popular operating systems.


Android today and in the near future - the most popular mobile operating system, but because many services are specifically "under it."The most interesting of them:

  • AppsGeyser - platform, allows you to convert the site content in Android-application and distribute it via the Play Market.At the same time no one will forbid you to sell by the application and place them in advertising.This primarily appsgeyser like?Firstly, the company that time to meet the standards necessary to have the application, a duplicate site, but they do not have a large budget to hire a programmer to develop applications from scratch.Second, for those who like to make from the air.You will find companies that require the application of similar services but she does not know, developing an application and sell it.Not bad, right?Download AppsGeyser here.
  • TheAppBuilder - service allows you by means of special templates to create applications of different categories - business, sport, music, etc.One moment!In the application you created will be advertising, but you can disable it for $ 5 per month.We download here.


This operating system is also attention is not deprived, and therefore there are enough grounds for it.Here are the most interesting:

  • Appsmakerstore - platform, allowing a few clicks to create any mobile application.The application is presented both in the free package and paid in three.The more expensive version, the user gets more opportunities.Downloading from here.
  • Viziapps - an excellent platform for creating template-based mass application.In addition, it is possible to link the elements of the user interface with options such as sending SMS-messages, email, publishing on Facebook or Twitter.The only problem - it is free, you can only create and test applications, the publication will be paid.You can download it here.

Windows Phone

mobile platform from Microsoft.It is still not very popular, but promising.However, for it is a wonderful service AppsBuilder, which allows you to build an application from the finished parts.AppsBuilder organized very simply, but supports features that advanced users will like.For example, an application can be created to pump their own scripts.Download the service here.

We hope this site will help you create an application, which you have long dreamed of, and may even allow to earn money.More about creating applications, see our articles:

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