How to choose a trainer ?

How to choose a trainer ?

movement deficiency affects health: increased weight, blood pressure and destabilize the work of the heart, shortness of breath begins after a few steps.Almost the only way out is the acquisition of the simulator.They are of two types: increases stamina (cardio) and developing force (power trainers).But this separation is conditional, because both power and endurance develop all the simulators, but to varying degrees.

How to choose a trainer for home?

First you need to decide for what purpose simulator is purchased: in order to maintain the overall tone, build muscle or lose weight.A clear understanding of the ultimate goal will help you to intelligently approach the selection.Classes at the gym should bring not only benefits but also fun.On this will depend on what mood and how often you will make approaches to the simulator.If you do not like to walk the stairs, it is unlikely to bring pleasure and training on the stepper.But fans of long walks treadmill takes a lot of positive emotions.

Also, before you choose a trainer, should decide on the amount that you are willing to spend to acquire it.Do not become the news that the price dispersion is quite large.And you can buy both simple and equipped with the latest exercise equipment (naturally, and the price will be relevant).

Therefore, it would be nice to understand how fundamental for you is to have all of these sensors, monitors and timers.If payment is no longer a question, and you can make such a purchase, the case is decided.Otherwise, it is better to choose a quality basic model without additional functions.With the hours you can learn to measure the pulse of its own.It is best to combine the purchase of a large portion of the amount spent on an aerobic exercise machine (the same treadmill) and buy some dumbbells or weights, for power loads.And be sure that the effectiveness of training will not be harmed in any way.

Consult your dealer to help you choose a trainer, about the quality of products and conditions of sale:

  • over what period of the warranty;
  • what is the frequency of failures of the simulator model, which customer reviews;
  • provides a possibility to refund of the purchase in case if it turns out after a short period of time that the selected model is not for you;
  • what the cost of after-sales service, availability and distance service centers conducting such services.

is possible that not all of the answers will contain accurate information, but still be able to find a great part of the truth.The main thing - to ask.And do not forget to pick up a place in the home exerciser.Also suitable for the size of the area, you must have the outlet, and the possibility of ventilation.

How to choose an elliptical trainer?

Elliptical Trainers are designed to simulate running with a reduced load on the joints of the feet.Before buying you should understand how often you plan to use it.If you intend to use it daily, you definitely need a simulator for training of mid-level, and if the training on the simulator will take place 3-4 times a week, then it is quite normal the level of training.

Buying simulator, choose a model that is capable of carrying the weight load most of your weight on fifteen kilos.This will create the necessary margin of safety, not to provoke premature equipment failure.Tall people (over 180cm) should pay attention to the front-wheel drive model to protect your knees from possible attacks of the frame.In front-wheel simulators flywheel located at the front, which provides a more upright position of the body while exercising, because of the change of the elliptic trajectory.The form of rear-wheel simulators for more traditional perception.They have a transmission and a flywheel, which are arranged in the back of the machine.Yet they differ a great platform for the legs, which allows a person to control the position of his body in a much larger range.

to feel the difference and make the right choice, you just need to try at least once each of the simulators.