How to create a Windows Live?

How to create a Windows Live?

Profile Windows Live allows you to enjoy a variety of Microsoft services, including mail and gaming service Games for Windows Live.It is worth noting that Windows Live - the old name, and now uses a generic term for "Account Microsoft».However, the principle has not changed - by this account, you can still enjoy all Microsoft services, and use it to log in to Windows on computers, tablets and smartphones.In this article, we'll show you how to create a Windows Live, he's - Microsoft account.Also you may be interested in the article How to create Windows Live.

How to create a Windows Live

profile So, in order to create a Windows Live-profile, go to the registration page on the Microsoft website.Enter your name and surname (not necessarily true, if this is confusing) and enter the e-mail address.Supports absolutely any addresses - have a mailbox on the for this is not necessary.

Choose a password at least eight characters.A good password includes numbers and letters in a different case.Enter the password in the "New Password", and then - in the "Confirmation" field.Passwords in both fields must be identical in order to eliminate the possibility of errors.

Choose from the drop-down list select your country and postal code.However, this information is optional, so you can skip them if you wish.But the date of birth and gender report is required.

You can also enter your mobile phone number in order to reliably protect your account.Spam Microsoft will not send - only verification codes, which can sometimes be necessary to verify your identity.If you are going to specify the phone, keep in mind that the need to manually enter only ten digits, without "8" or "7" because this country code is selected separately from the dropdown list.

To complete registration, enter the characters shown in the image to confirm you are not a bot.If you do not wish to receive promotional e-mail from Microsoft, uncheck "Send me special offers Microsoft."Finally, click "Create Account."After this you will be registered, and your mailbox will receive a letter asking you to confirm your email address.