Which is better - LCD or LED?

Which is better - LCD or LED?

Modern technology is developing so fast that the user sometimes can not keep up with technological innovations.Not long ago, TVs and monitors with telescopic system dramatically were replaced by liquid crystal technology.On the question of which is better - LCD or LED, you need to answer, first of all, to understand their structure and the structure.

LCD screens are arranged on the basis of the gate in the cameras.The crystals reflect light or detain him.Crystals themselves do not provide their own light.Therefore, these screens require lighting, for which he is responsible LCD or LED-technology.

difference between LCD and LED screens

It should immediately be noted that the LED-screens achieve a much better color quality in comparison with their counterparts in the LCD by the illumination device.Thus, in the LCD-devices a cold cathode lamp illuminates the entire screen, and sometimes it leads to darkening of one or the other field.Additionally, distorted colors, since the liquid crystals can not block light, the illumination that gives a cathode.For example, black on this screen will appear dark gray.

LED-screens are arranged in such a way that the plurality of LEDs to actively illuminate the necessary area, which improves the brightness and contrast of the image.LEDs enough that allows you to control contrast and brightness, especially in models with a backlit screen.

Another important advantage of the LED-screens - their efficiency and Low power consumption.Furthermore, the use of LEDs has greatly reduce the thickness of the screen.This is especially true of models in which the side lights.

the question of what is better - LCD or LED, it is impossible not to consider the most environmentally friendly LED-screens.The absence of the device elements such as mercury, gallium and arsenic, making such screens safer for human health.

So if you still think a better LCD or LED-screen prefer, you should choose the latter option.As you now know, he has a high quality color reproduction, reduces energy consumption and safe for health.