Which is better AMD or Intel?

Which is better AMD or Intel?

By choosing a computer, you need to take seriously.The computer should last for a long time and meet your requirements and goals.But how to understand the infinite components, their features and capabilities?Today, we will talk about the processors.A touch on in this conversation two or manufacturer and try to figure out which is better, AMD or INTEL?

processor Choice: Intel or Amd

This question depends on your goals and opportunities.Actually, to be honest, this question depends on a huge number of factors that are not possible to be fully reflected in this article.

In general, the situation is as follows: at the processors, AMD best price-performance ratio.However, it should be noted that these processors are always a bit behind in the technologies of the company INTEL processors.They become very hot during operation.Well, the truth is that AMD processors lower quality, but the computer is not affected.

Leading programmers say that there is no single answer to the question about these manufacturers.And yet, they are advised to take INTEL, if your budget allows it.If your budget is limited, then it is necessary to assemble a computer based on AMD processors.For the same money you will get better performance.

We invite you to review the experiences of different people.Perhaps in these comments, you will find the answer to the question of which is better, AMD or the Intel, as you yourself decide which one to choose a processor for your home computer.

What Users Are Saying

"It all depends on your abilities and needs. I also INTEL first take would, but knowledgeable people explained that AMD is cheaper and no worse for the same money you can get a more powerful processor. Took a hairdryer 2x3, unlocked coreand it works fine. "Weles

"Intel company processors (this Celeron and Pentium-4) are better known thanks to aggressive marketing and advertising company Intel policy (remember advertising on television).

As a result, processors from this company are more expensive than their functional counterparts from AMD.Processors Advanced Micro Devices. (it's Sempron and Athlon XP; earlier were still Duron processors) faster and cheaper than their counterparts from Intel Myths from the fact that AMD processors are overheated or "not fully compatible" does not correspond to reality than that.processors Pentium-4 generate more heat than their counterparts from AMD! But, fortunately, modern cooling system to easily remove heat from those from the other. All things being equal, the Intel processors in most applications is slower, ceteris paribus,than AMD processors. Although the "computing" applications, or 3D-rendering of the Pentium-4 will still be faster than the Athlon XP +. Celeron processors differ from Pentium4 processors reduced volume of internal cache memory and, as a consequence, the Celeron processors are a little slower,than the Pentium-4 processors.Similarly, unlike Sempron processors (Duron) of Athlon XP processors.Summarizing all the above, the computer based on AMD-based will be optimal and cheaper than a PC based on Intel. "Radiotexnik

" I now turion tl-60 performance (benchmark) the stone is about the same as the Intel's t7300 except that Intel's can providevideo card radeon 4650m, and my Turion nichrome can not. "nonemore

" How many people, so many opinions.I use only Intel that on laptops that on the desktop.There were also AMD, but quickly declined. "Georg

" Intel bright.And I as a fan of AMD admit it.But given the prices for the products of Intel and AMD, as well as the fact that the average user is not engaged in various modeling, programming, etc.That difference, he will not even notice!So why pay more? "Skinn

" And I'm a fan of AMD.Intel may work faster (due to an internal cache memory, it is just more than the AMD), but AMD-nis greater productivity.I still Atlon 64h2 5000, and not complaining already that year, go all-new Intel and me so well.Played in all (on an average as textures) except that COD Black Ops summed up, had to take another strip of RAM. "Wow4an

So, it is better, Amd or the Intel? It depends on your goals, preferences, opportunities. What to choose? You decide.