What is the best iPad, or Samsung?

What is the best iPad, or Samsung?

Apple and Samsung have long struggle in court, but more importantly for consumers struggle, they lead to market their products.There are other leaders in the electronics market, but the conflict of these two organizations due to the striking similarity of the goods.It is difficult to say which is better iPad or the Samsung, because they really are constantly producing similar products.Differences of their goods are not so great, but the problem of choice, you can make a comparison on the specific criteria sets these companies.A good example for such a comparison may serve as: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Apple iPad 3. The model of the tablet, the Samsung vypushennyh, is the answer to the Apple product.

design comparing

By design, these two plates is nothing beyond the new and not the exclusive, no other campaign is not offered.We can only note that the iPad looks a little more solid, and the thickness Galaxy somewhat thinner.Both devices are: headphone ports for data transfer, volume control, microphone and power button.Samsung includes an IR transmitter, and has additional features due to the presence of the stylus.iPad screen has an extension of 2048x1536 pixels, making it more clear, colorful and expands the viewing angle as compared to the Galaxy.

comparison of functionality and interface

Which is better, Galaxy or iPad, in terms of functionality and interface - this is the eternal question that comes to Android and IOS operation.In this regard, the iPad advantage in terms of simplicity, Galaxy also won a wide personalization possibilities.Both devices are easy to use, but the Apple tablet has a simple and rapid transition from one application to another.Samsung tablet functionality significantly expands due to the presence of S-Pe stylus.In terms of the use of the organizer and typing plates are approximately the same and raises no objections.

processor comparing

tablet processor Samsung quad-core with 2GB of RAM and a 1.4 GHz wins Apple's dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and a 1 GHz.But sometimes the Galaxy Ā«FreezeĀ».It should be noted another benefit Samsung - is a slot for MicroSD cards, which is more comfortable on the background of standardized plates Aple, equipped with memory in 16, 32, 64 GB.Connecting to the Internet, wireless networks, and download even the most "heavy" sites manage both devices perfectly.

pictures and videos

In the matter of photo and video you should pay attention that both tablets 5 megapixel camera, and each of them has a front camera for video calls.The quality of photos is not much different, but in low light iPad a few wins.The quality of video in Apple tablet far superior video quality at the Samsung tablet.Music tracks playback perfectly possible to both devices, but the Galaxy has a greater volume.Video playback in excellent quality, and if Apple has an advantage in sharpness and brightness, the Samsung also has additional features.For example, the ability to play video in a floating window, in parallel with the other acts on the tablet.Batteries of both devices is enough for a whole day of work.

The choice to suit your purpose.

When compared as a whole, it is better to iPads and Samsung, all depends on the intended use of the tablet.If you need a tablet for functional productive work, it would be the best one for the Galaxy.Its price on the background of useful add-ons and features, is fully justified.Although it is worth noting that the price on the iPad is more balanced, and he is best suited to work with images and videos, or just for fun.And yet, despite the superiority of the tablet Samsung Function, other similar devices based on Android are no less universal in use.