What is the best iPad?

What is the best iPad?

Ubiquitous advertising Apple tablet computer called Ipad largely spawned demand for the products of mobile electronics leader.However, the Ipad, of course, is not the only one of its kind marvel of advanced technology.There are many analogs of this device.This article will focus on a comparative analysis of Ipad and its analogs, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of one of the most popular in our country models of tablet computers.

Ipad advantages over similar

  • Web surfing.The rate of opening of Internet sites in the truest sense of the word is evident.Very convenient and very fast.However, the built-in Safari browser can not be attributed to the heights of convenience and functionality.
  • -screen keyboard.Few of the tablet computer manufacturers can boast a comfortable keyboard like the ipad.Large keys, familiar layout of letters, a good set of additional punctuation and symbols.However, ipad, however, still can not compete with ordinary push-button keyboard on the part of the typing speed, and when editing and does work with this tablet relatively difficult.And if you argue, for example, with a friend, what better ipad, safely call any device, when it comes to text editing.
  • Ready to go.Ipad instantly ready to work.Once you run it only as a few seconds, you can safely work with its applications.
  • runtimes.Ipad is designed for long battery life.At a time when we used to charge their smartphones and tablets on a daily basis, while the Ipad seems endless.Image.Of course, today many in the Russian Apple's products as the best brand, to some extent even the cult and symbol.The symbol of modernity and success.However, the recent activity of competitors, which issued more than successful Asus Insomnia and Galaxy Tab 2, lured a large percentage of fans on his side.
  • reading magazines on your iPad.For a long time it remained the best Ipad for reading electronic versions of magazines with its diagonal of ten inches.This is especially true model Ipad 4. However, opinion, stating that better Ipad 4 simply does not exist right now nothing is impossible to agree.The advantage is made up of little things, and models like diagonal - are countless.

Disadvantages Ipad

  • forgery danger.Even do not try to buy the device from informal dealers.Problems in the work will be provided to you.
  • Connecting to a computer.As an ordinary USB - carrier Ipad can not be used.To transfer files, you need to synchronize your device with your computer using Itunes program.The process of transferring files because of additional action is much longer in comparison with almost all similar devices operating in normal drive mode.Another stone in the garden believed that the best Ipad 2, Ipad 4 and other models in this series nothing.
  • lack of recharging via USB - port of your computer.
  • Problems with Sim-card.If your gadget supports sim-card, once you use it still can not.Standard Sim-card is not suitable for Ipad.In similar devices have no such problems.
  • high cost of accessories.Covers, protective films and other accessories are more expensive than analog accessories.

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