What is the best netbook or laptop ?

What is the best netbook or laptop ?

Now in stores a huge selection of equipment, in particular, the great demand for laptops and netbooks, and some users have no idea what the difference is.Meanwhile, it is huge, and before buying to be sure to decide what is best netbook or laptop?Otherwise, the money will be wasted, because the equipment will not meet the expectations.First, we should know its parameters, and decide for what purpose you need one or the other unit.


netbook netbook has a rather small size, which is very convenient for students, besides it is very convenient to take with you on a business trip.However, the movie will look on it hard enough, because of the small screen, and some video files it can not reproduce, so this factor should think in advance.However, if you need to get online, then if the modem is easy to do.

addition due to its small size on the netbook at first would not be very comfortable to type text, but this time you can get used to.The netbook has inputs for a microphone and headphones, you can connect to WI FI, and other online source.When you need to view the video on a large screen, you can connect to it through the VGA connector.In addition, some models netbooks have a card reader, which is a clear advantage.

However, all the above benefits, the number of connectors on the netbook is smaller than on a laptop.For example, you will not find the DVD drive.However, the netbook is equipped with a USB input, so this problem is easily solved by purchasing large stick.But if you so required, the drive can be purchased separately and connect it via USB.Also, many netbooks have built-in webcam, which is very convenient to chat with friends.

Features laptop

Sure, the notebook has a lot more features, there is a web-camera, a digital audio output, it is possible to connect the camcorder.Also, it is equipped with outputs DVI and HDMI.The great advantage of a laptop is its running time on a single charge, which is up to 7 hours, while the netbook boasts only 4 hours.If you like to play computer games with a complex plot, something about buying a netbook should be forgotten because of its power will not be enough, but the laptop perfectly up to the task.

Notebooks typically come with more powerful processors and graphics cards, making them suitable equipment for work with heavy-graphics editors such as Photoshop.Because the laptop memory is much more, it put a powerful operating system, while on the netbook, it will be truncated.It seems that the laptop does not have flaws, but, nevertheless, one still exists - is its price, which is much higher than a netbook.

choose what is better

If you are tormented by the question netbook or laptop, what to choose?It should define the objectives of its use.If you look heavy video files, work with graphic editors often write files to DVD and play the game, then you laptop is an ideal option.And if you need a portable computer for exclusive use, which is associated with long and frequent trips, the netbook will be for you an excellent acquisition.Now that you know what is best netbook or laptop, so you can make the right choice, your purchase will not disappoint you and will enjoy for a long time.