What is the best laptop or computer ?

What is the best laptop or computer ?

not worth mentioning once again that modern man does not think of himself without a computer.20th century - the century of discoveries and powerful technological breakthrough.Century 21 - a century of breakthroughs in computer technology.But what to choose the most ordinary person?What's better?Huge capacity, speed, and power consumption of a home desktop computer?Or lightness, compactness and efficiency of a simple laptop?To answer this question we must consider is not a factor.So:

Which is better?Laptop or computer?

As always, all questions that are associated with the preferences of people connected with the goals they seek to achieve.Ask yourself these questions.Why do I need a computer?What am I going to do with it?Do I need it outside of the home?Ask yourself these questions, you can come to the other.And the answer to everything, you will understand exactly what is best for you.Laptop or computer.Let us examine the advantages and disadvantages of a desktop computer and a laptop.

Let's start with a personal computer.What do we get by becoming the proud owner of a brand new PC?We get a huge performance benefits.All applications are downloaded at lightning speed and without error.Work on the Internet is the most efficient and interference-free.Who are your favorite games that appear every month, working on the computer without any problems or delays.If you are doing research or creative activity, it offers a huge number of powerful programs that are able to master your desktop computer.Edit photos using sophisticated graphic filters, creation of multi-level music with a lot of effects, editing hours of film, the creation of complex 3D images.All this is your computer performs with the ease of a ballerina on the floor.What we have as weaknesses?Sometimes it takes a few square meters of your apartment computer.For some users - it is a serious problem.Stationary computer requires space for all your devices, and even better, specially designed, computer desk.A huge number of wires is collected so much dust that we have to clean it every day.PC Noise sometimes scares users.All this is coupled with the high cost of both the computer and its equipment and its maintenance.Get the most performance parameters, we obtain a high cost.

now turn to laptops.What good is a laptop?This "baby" does not need a special place.All space, he can take the maximum, limited to two or three dozen square centimeters.When running a laptop, it's almost unheard of, a soft rustling nice mellifluous.The compact design and integrated system design of the notebook allows you to take your laptop to any place with you.Also, there are a large number of different institutions that provide free wireless internet access.That is, you can be online almost everywhere visit.The laptop is much cheaper than a desktop computer, however, is often not much inferior to him in performance.Today's technology allows the more and more powerful devices, with less and less small size.The direction of development of computer technology is moving in the direction of decreasing the actual physical size and increase real productive abilities and resources.Many scientists believe that the future of laptops.

It is our view of the problem of choosing between a laptop and a computer.Each of the right to agree or disagree.What you eventually choose is up to you, dear reader.