Which is better Plasma or LCD ?

Which is better Plasma or LCD ?

Apparently, you have made quite a crucial step in your life - choose to buy expensive, and a large TV in the blood thousands of dollars earned back-breaking labor.But what to buy?Which is better Plasma or LCD?We have already answered the question, what is different from the plasma panel LCD TV in the article "What is different from the plasma LCD?".In order to answer these questions yourself, you need to weigh all the "pros" and "cons".Divide all the advantages and disadvantages of both displays into categories, and consider them in turn.

Value / size

It's no secret that plasma TVs smaller than 42 inches, do not release - it is not profitable, and it is useless.At the same time, LCD TVs there for every taste.There are very small screen (19 or 23 inches), and is, and more - from 42 and up to 100+ inches.At the same time, the price of a plasma TV is usually the case, is much higher.If we talk specifically about the ratio of price and size, it is here, win LCD TV, as produced a large number of monitors with diagonals completely different, but they are less expensive than plasma.

brightness and contrast

What better plasma or lcd, if we are talking about brightness?Typically, plasma displays have a greater degree of brightness, contrast, and black display.Manufacturers of plasma, often say numbers such as 5000: 1 or 10,000: 1.At the same time, have LCD monitors these indicators significantly less.Although in recent years developed LCD displays the speed of sound, so that they can catch up the plasma.However, for LCD TVs contrast and brightness, it is a big problem.The same applies to the display of the depth of the black, which is more like gray.The larger the viewing angle, the greater the drop above the TV figures.


Both types of screens manufacturers often claim viewing angles up to 180 degrees.However, from this point of the image begins to fade, it would not say who.And who will be watching the big TV, at an angle?Nevertheless, plasma panels, in this respect, a little ahead of its main competitors, as the issue picture better


lifetime of any TV referred to the number of hours of viewing, you can spend up to that time, until the force of light is reduced by50%.Generally, a service life of about 100 thousand hours, but the number of hours, always different, depending on the manufacturer.In this case, a better LCD or plasma is hard to say, because both technologies show almost identical results.

Using a computer

all accustomed to using the computer with LCD TVs and monitors.The fact that many of them are made specifically for the PC, plus, the LCD display can be viewed for a long time, static images, which is extremely not recommended on plasma screens, due to occurrence of the possibility of screen burn.However, if you intend to watch videos via computer, the plasma is not fit worse than the LCD monitor and it may be even a better option.

Burnout screen

so-called screen burn (appearance of shadows after prolonged viewing a static image), is subject only to the plasma, and a few other screens that contain a phosphorus.For LCD monitors, this is not true.Despite the fact that plasma TVs have such a big problem, it is always possible to "cure", with due care for the screen.

Watching television in HD quality

Currently, almost all new manufactured plasma and LCD TVs have the ability to display HD video.They all have a resolution of at least 1280h170 pixels, allowing you to enjoy high quality images.For plasma, usually a maximum resolution of 1080p starts with a 42-inch screen, but LCD monitors with the same resolution, and have 32-inch.


In most cases, if we take for comparison, plasma and LCD of the same size, the first type of TV will consume more power.The fact that in the liquid crystal televisions, in fact, operate exclusively backlight.In general, for the person who buys the TV for a few thousand dollars is unlikely to make any difference will be this figure.

So, after analyzing the move to the advantages of each type of screen to another and find out what is best plasma or LCD?The advantages of LCD TVs:

  • economical price for small displays, plasma which are not done at all;
  • ideal for use with a computer;
  • a huge selection of sizes;
  • screen does not fade;
  • consumes little power.

Advantages of Plasma:

  • usual price for a huge display (50+ inches) lower than that of the LCD;
  • no loops, no problems with the response time;
  • wins for contrast, brightness and display the depth of the black;
  • better viewing angles

a result, the answer to the question, which is better LCD or plasma rather difficult.The fact that these two screen types are very different from each other.Each has its advantages and disadvantages.With confidence we can say only one thing: to watch the video, it is better to choose the plasma panel, and games - liquid crystal.