Which is better : iPad or iPhone?

Which is better : iPad or iPhone?

If you prefer «Apple», you probably asked yourself the question of what is better: iPad or iPhone.Before you make a choice, you should consider these devices individually and in comparison, since they have similar functions, but many differ.

What is the iPad?

iPad - this tablet, ie a laptop without a keyboard and mouse.Although the device allows you to connect any headset via Bluetooth, you can manage iPads using the touch screen.

What is the iPhone?

iPhone - a smartphone company «Apple».The main thing is the difference between the iPad from the iPhone, - is the ability to make phone calls.The mobile phone supports a number of functions available in each computer, in addition, has a lot of extras, such as the camera, to shoot in HD-format.

do I choose?

Decide what you want to receive.If it is a phone with an integrated camera, high-speed Internet connection, then you definitely need a iPhone.If you can not decide what to buy - iPad or iPhone, please note that the "apple" phone can give a lot to the owner, but the tablet screen is bigger, it is more convenient to surf the Internet, play games, watch videos, but to call someone notout.

With all the advantages of iPad it is not convenient.The fact that the size of the device will not allow putting it in a pocket.Telephone, anyway, and smaller, and even more functional.Especially that the tablet - the device is very capricious and gentle.It is not as durable as the iPhone.Wishing also to shoot video is better to pay attention to the phone, as the tablet has no camera.

However, the pros of the tablet are as follows:

  • tablet is more appropriate for reading books.Big screen, image quality, the ability to look at the pictures in high resolution gives iPad undoubted advantage.
  • If you're an avid gamer, the internet tablet will be your irreplaceable friend.If you set it the most powerful and new toys, he will give a chic image and speed, because the graphics card is equipped with a new generation.

Of course, there is one "but."If the choice is between the iPhone 5 and iPad, in an absolute priority will be the first.This is a new peak in the IT-industry technology.Most likely, even the CEO and developer «Apple» was not expecting such a breakthrough.

  • Ultra-slim design of the fifth iPhone is simply amazing, a holographic image, which allows you to display a virtual keyboard on any surface, making the phone a full-fledged laptop.Even the screen can be recreated so that it is "hanging" over the phone.This makes it possible to watch movies, play, surf the Internet, only on the big screen.
  • However, the price - the only thing that can confuse the buyer.If this fact is not taken into account in the competition iPhone vs iPad, the first wins.

Many consider the option: iPad 4 or iPhone 4. Here, as they say, an amateur.The iPhone has all the features that are present in iPads.The difference between these devices is the same as that of the plate and the telephone.Through internet tablet is impossible to call, there is no camera.But the iPhone supports such functions.In it two cameras and advanced compared to the previous models of the screen, processor 4 cores, built-in Wi-Fi.For those who like to listen to music, even if a long journey, in the iPhone has a player and a battery that can withstand up to 40 hours of operation.

Dignity iPad - 64 GB of internal memory, quad-core processor, large and comfortable multitouch display, Wi-Fi.The tablet can operate without recharging for up to 10 hours, and the iPad 4 ultra-fast network connection.

can think long and choosing.It is important to decide what you need the device.If you just play the tablet.Call and shoot - the phone.Whichever one you choose, both will last a long time and reliably.