Which is better : iPhone or Samsung?

Which is better : iPhone or Samsung?

Many to whom there was a question of selecting a new smartphone, are interested in what is best: «iPhone» or «Samsung».However, to answer this question without considering the specific model, it is difficult.In the line of both brands have a successful designs, and not so.Therefore, we chose to compare one class of smartphones around - «iPhone 4» and «Samsung Galaxy S2».


The first thing that catches the eye - it screens.When a diagonal of 4.27 inches «Samsung» has a resolution of 480x800 pixels, while the ratio of these indicators presented in «iPhone» - 3,5 to 640x960.That is, the number of pixels per inch in the "American" has a value 330, while the "Korean" - 218. Thus, it can be concluded that when the smaller screen «iPhone» provides slightly better image detail.

As for handling, both devaysa have a capacitive sensor and support Multitouch.And «Samsung», and «iPhone» perfectly respond to user actions, so focus on this indicator does not make sense.Here equality.


As is known, «iPhone» requires trimmed sim-card, and it's not very convenient for domestic consumers, as our operators from the beginning of its path offers traditional card size.Now there is a development in this area, but if you value your old sim card have to suffer with her pruning.«Samsung» as such problems are not promises.


Obviously wins Korean device and cameras.Answer 5 megapixel.«IPhone» device has become the camera of 8 megapixels.S2-th.The LED flash is present in both devices.As for the front camera, there is also the victory on the side of «Samsung».

hardware part

Continuing the conversation about what is better: "the iPhone" or "the Samsung", can not be said about the "stuffing" of devices.«IPhone 4» outright loses for processor performance.Thus, the single-core A4 processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz is unlikely to rival the dual-core 1.2-GHz Exynos 4210. RAM in the "American" as half (only 512 MB).A significant disadvantage of «iPhone» is also the fact that it does not imply the use of memory cards.This means that you are limited only by the built-cumulative capabilities.In «Samsung S2» is much better in this regard, because there are microSD support.


Nothing good «iPhone» does not show and in terms of battery life.300 hours standby funny look on the background of 710 hours S2-th.So make your conclusions, friends.Perhaps pay for fashionable name «iPhone», and not worth it.Although, of course, it is a matter of personal taste.