How to enroll in a military school ?

How to enroll in a military school ?

In military schools, parents often send their sons to make them disciplined, strong-minded, strong and hardy men.In addition, such institutions are very serious base for further profession, building a successful career.About requirements for applicants, as well as the receipt of the rules, we'll continue.

Up to answer the question about how to enroll in a military school, it is impossible, because today in different parts of Russia has a large number of such educational institutions, and each has its own special requirements, its rules of procedure.However, one can identify common elements.

Stages receipt

  • of documents Filing
  • Pre-selection (checking of documents, medical examination, psychological selection)
  • professional selection (test of knowledge, physical fitness, mental and emotional state, and so forth.)

admission requirements

Futurethe student must:

  • have Russian citizenship;
  • have a document of general secondary education, secondary special education, initial vocational education;
  • fit the age range.So, accept applicants aged between 16 and 22 years (the last military service) in military schools;in (past military service) under 24 years of age;under the age of 25 years (if military service is carried out on a contract basis);under the age of 30 years (in the case of admission to the university on the program with an average military-specific training);
  • have special skills, depending on the focus of the military school.For example, entry into the Military Institute of Physical Culture must have a sports category in one of the sport, set the RF Defense Ministry is not lower than the second.

Equally important is the motivation for the future of the student.It is possible, the entrant will offer to write a short essay, to reflect their attitude to military service and to prove that he is worthy of admission to the ranks of students.

Can I enroll in a military school girl?Can.Suspended in 2009, set in a massive military colleges is once again in full swing.Although the number of seats decreased significantly, to enroll in military schools can and boys and girls.Specifically, the girls will be able to do, for example, the Naval Academy, the Academy of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, the Military Space Academy.AFMozhaisk and other educational institutions.

Required documents

exact list you will be able to submit only a selected institution, however, the list of securities that will be required in any military academy, is that:

  • statement of the applicant;
  • autobiography;
  • photocopy of the passport, military ID (if any) birth certificate;
  • photocopy of the document on secondary education;
  • characteristic with the place of study, military service, work;
  • documents confirming that the applicant benefits (they have, for example, orphans).

also is attached to the list of mandatory ratification documents, diplomas any rate, evidence of the receipt of prizes at the Olympic Games, and so on.

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