What are the books?

What are the books?

In this small article we will tell you which have books on the types and directions, and you will find out how many of them exists.

Popular science and conventional science

Ordinary books that are published usually in large quantities, and make up a large part of the material that is available to students when writing any kind rabot.Takogo books are divided into known and unknown.Known familiar in the circles of experts on this issue, they are well replicated and repeatedly reprinted.As for the unknown, it is, as a rule, books of scientific journalists.

Dictionaries, reference books and encyclopedias

These are the types of books that can help you quickly and easily get an overview of what you like and the information on the available literature on this topic.Debited from such books is not desirable, as it is necessary to quote several times, and it is considered bad form.

Books classics

In any case, every, even the most narrow scope of knowledge is accepted by all authorities.For example, if you write any scientific work, then no books, the author of which is a pioneer in the topic that you describe, you simply will not do, as it is - a classic of the genre and type of product.Classics is certainly worth a read, and if you do not read, you see still worth it, because you will have the opportunity to show off knowledge of authorities.

documents and sources

The texts are divided into those that are exploring, and those in which we study these texts.We can say there are research texts and the texts studied.When some text becomes an object of study, it becomes the source of the classification.Source - the text that you explore in your work.The document - the text, which can no longer change anything, and when you use the document in your work, you should move as closely as possible the text and the meaning written in it.The documents used for the theory and give direct quotations from these sources is subjected to the study, using information obtained from the documents.

Old books

These are books that are outdated for professional suitability, and to build their scientific works are quite rare.But sometimes the old books in the humanities and social issues can still help you with any questions.Sometimes old books are viewed only in the film, the so-called microfilm, which moved the page and the text of old books.You simply viewing them as a filmstrip.

Foreign books

This book, written in a foreign language, which is unique to the Russian not.Such books have to be translated.

Bibliographic pointers

Books, which indicated a specific list of literature on all sorts of issues.That is, it is a book that describes what books are the order in which they find easier and faster.Such books are sectoral, multi-purpose and theme, as well as retrospective and current.Description books sources are arranged in a variety of ways.This may be the alphabet, object systematics, author or title.

Abstracts, theses and manuscripts deposited

These are the types of products and books that are written by people to get a degree or some praise, encouragement to report the presence of its own publications.

Basically, that's all!We hope, with the help of this article you will be easy to understand what are books.