What are the fairy tales ?

What are the fairy tales ?

In fairy tales, as well as at any other works of literary genre, also has its own classification, not even one.Fairy tales can be divided into several groups, first, the content, and secondly by authorship.In addition, there is also a classification of tales on a national basis that is clear and understandable to all.For example, "Russian Folk Tales," "German fairy tale", etc.Say, what are fairy tales for authorship, and not so difficult.Everyone knows that there are folk tales, and is - the author written a specific person.To this we shall return later, but first let's talk about the more complicated classification of fairy tales - in content.

Types tales content

According to the content of literature usually distinguish 3 types of tales:

  • household
  • fairy tales about animals

Each of these types is divided into a few more, which will be discussed in the relevant chapters.We will start with the household tales.

Household tales

As the name implies, to household tales include those in which describes the life and the life of a people.However, it should be noted that in this kind of tales usual description of a rare, but often it is complemented by a variety of humorous and satirical descriptions.For example, ridiculed any quality of a particular class of society or class.Among household tales are the following types of tales (list them with examples):

  • social and living ( "Shemyakin court", "Delёzh goose", "garrulous old woman»)
  • satirical household ( "Man and pop", "Barinand carpenter "," gentleman and a man, "" How to pop a worker hired »)
  • magically household (with elements of fairy tales, vivid examples of this," Jack Frost "," Cinderella »)

in general, it should be noted thatthis classification is derived literary critics is rather arbitrary, because not always possible to say with certainty which category belongs to this or that tale.Many can be attributed to social and domestic, and satirical household, but, for example, in the well-known fairy tale "Jack Frost" to these two features added also certain amount of magic, so she and household, and satirical, and magic at the same time.And so is the case with many tales - must consider the classification of the moment.

Fairy tales

fairy tales can be found, first of all, on the environment, which, as a rule, there is little correspondence revealed to us in real life.Heroes of there in a fantasy world.Often these tales begin with "Once upon ...".Fairy tales can also be divided into several types:

  • heroic tale (with a victory over the various mythical creatures and adventure in which the hero is sent in order to find some kind of magic item).From the examples: "Rejuvenating apples", "Vasilisa the Beautiful";
  • archaic tales (talk about the poor and lonely people and those who are expelled or they left the family for some reason, and their adventures).From the examples: "Twelve Months", "Children have a cannibal";
  • tales about people, endowed with magical powers.For example: "Mary-mistress", "Elena the Wise."

Tales of animals

Let's see what are the tales about animals:

  • tales about ordinary animals (wild and domestic).For example: "The Fox and the Hare," "The Fox and the Crane", "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids";
  • tales about magic animals.For example: "Goldfish", "Humpbacked Horse", "Emelya" ( "At the Pike").

In addition, there are also tales:

  • cumulative (in which there is a recurring theme).For example: "Glove", "Gingerbread Man", "turnip";
  • fable.As an example, the famous fable "The Crow and the Fox", "Monkey and glasses."A small note: not all literary fable attributed to the fairy tale genre, allocating for it a special place among the literary genres, but for the sake of completeness, I decided to include here and fables, too.

As you probably know, these fables - not folk art, they have sponsors.Thus, the tales can be divided into national and copyrights."The Fox and the Hare" - Russian folk tale, and "Humpbacked Horse" - the author, as it is written P.P.Ershovym.Well, we have considered, perhaps, all the main types of tales both in content as well as on the author, and national origin.

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