How to quickly learn the verse ?

How to quickly learn the verse ?

If you have difficulty remembering information, for example, you can not learn the verse, we offer you several ways to facilitate learning.This information is useful not only for schoolchildren and students, but also to adults, because we all at one time have to remember some information.You can easily make reports, presentations, etc.

How quickly learn the verse.. Ways

First, try to determine what information channel of perception have developed best: visual, auditory, or kinesthetic.What kind of people do you belong?Visuals are best stored visual images, audialy - auditory, kinesthetic rely on their feelings.Define your style can be a simple method.Answer this question: How do you usually memorize unfamiliar cell phone number?Look at him several times (visual), say out loud (audial), rewrite your hand on paper (kinestetik) .If you have identified your dominant way of assimilation of information, use it more actively.How can I quickly learn the verse?For the best memory of poems, and other information, it is recommended to use all three channels of perception.

  • visual perception.It uses visual memory.Carefully read the poem several times.Ponder over the meaning of words.Visuals well in every detail to present a picture as described in the poem.
  • auditory perception.Read the poem out loud several times.You can record your voice on tape, use a professional audio recording reader or ask a friend to read to you aloud.
  • Kinesthetic perception.After reading the poem, write his own hand on a separate sheet.In this case, the motor running memory.In the future, teach verse is not in the book, but as it is written by you leaves.If you can imagine the feeling described in the poem, then do it.For example, if a poem about winter, feel like you cold, etc.Try to build a series of poems associative events.

For better memorization of the poem combine these three ways.

How quickly learn the verse?Some advise not to verbalize the verse, and sings it.The melody can come up with themselves.When you teach a verse, then repeat a few lines, without looking at the paper, then add to them new and repeat them with the previous ones.Thus you will learn the whole poem.

How quickly learn english verse, that is, a verse in English?Naturally, it is necessary to know the translation of the poem, therefore please look in the dictionary meaning of all unknown words.When you teach, mentally translate what you say.In other actions, as in the memorization of Russian verse.

Many say that if you repeat a verse learned just before bedtime, the next morning, he bounces off the teeth.Try this method and.Good luck!