How to choose the books?

How to choose the books?

Internet - is not only an opportunity to communicate with friends and learn about the latest news from home, and at any moment.Internet for many important primarily as a source of information.But sometimes it also happens that you require labor or books, research or journalistic article does not exist on the sites because of their old age, for example.Yield, however, is.To help you come to the good old mates - book library.In these stores, perhaps, there is almost everything to write any works, regardless of genre chosen by you, the volume of text and theme.But how not to get lost in the huge number of books, publications, newspapers and magazines?How to choose the book quickly and correctly?This will help you in this article.

Selection of books in the library.Types

directory Before you begin to search for the appropriate material in the library, you need to understand that you have at the moment, what information have.These initial knowledge may include information about a specific book, article or topic of your work.In either case you will need to catalog, of which in any library there are several kinds.

  1. Thematic catalogs.Catalog, which is built on the direction of scientific activity or type of art.This, for example, mathematics, philosophy, Russian language and so on.Each of these larger trends highlights a whole series of narrower sectors.Thus, in the subject "References" you will find the sections "French literature", "futurism" or "the Silver Age poetry."In the subject "Physics", you will find sections on "Nuclear Physics", "Quantum Physics" and so on.In the same way books are divided all other topics and trends.If you are looking for a literary work, it also can use the search by genre: poetry, sentimental romance, fantasy, and so forth.Knowing the subject of his work, you will understand without difficulty is how to choose a book.
  2. alphabetical catalog.This type of directory involves classification of literary texts, scientific papers and other texts by name in alphabetical order.Alphabetical can be distributed as the names of works and periodicals, and the names of the authors.Inside this section the authors as there is a separation: his works are distributed in alphabetical order.
  3. Electronic catalogs.The directory is stored on the library computers.Electronic Catalogue - search is a program with which you can search for books by any known parameter you.

knowledge catalogs and the fact that you need at the moment - that's all the conditions of successful work in the library.However, if you for some reason find it difficult to find a book, an article or scientific work that you need, you can always ask for help from the staff of the reading room.They will answer questions and will learn how to choose the right book you are interested in.