How to learn quickly to write?

How to learn quickly to write?

Remember his "favorite" teacher at the institute, which is dictated by the speed of light, and then asked strictly for Abstracts!How, then, I wanted to know how to get him to speak more slowly or quickly learn to write.Let will assist our brothers smaller, in terms of young people, and tell you what to do, to write quickly, clearly, that the hand does not get tired.

Where and how to write

to start writing quickly, sit comfortably.Required for this purpose the table, a comfortable chair, the back of which you can lean.Pose, in which you are sitting at the time of writing, should be convenient, comfortable.Back, arm, leg - nothing should be in the air, to flow from the skew and inconvenient location.The back should be kept straight, the shoulders on a flat horizontal line.From the chest to the table should be placed two of your palm.

Paper and pen

piece of paper should lie slightly to the right from the middle of your chest so your right hand will not reach the paper.The handle should be comfortable for your fingers.Someone will suit fine, someone is wide, smooth, ribbed.Choosing necessary, taking into account the individual characteristics of the brush.Writing should be easy to handle, so you do not make an effort to stem leaves traces.Many therefore prefer to gel pens.


To understand how to quickly learn how to write well, you have to learn another rule.It is important to be very careful at the lecture.If you sit and dream, the evening will be fun in the company of friends, to write something quickly you do not succeed in any case, no matter what you did not have the talent.Think about what to write.Try to understand what the teacher says and to predict the course of his thoughts.Do not become distracted by the comments of the neighbors do not talk, do not write.Focusing on the subject of the lecture is to be one hundred percent!

Exercises for hands

hand which will quickly learn to write, to be strong, so buy hand-expander train and hands.This is useful not only to quickly write, but also for general physical development.

engaged in the development of fine motor skills.Do you like ornaments made of beads?Then take the small beads and braid from these bracelets.If you do not have a creative vision, just rip the old beads and collect them on the thread again.It is better if you have a few flowers, and you'll be stringing beads in a particular order.This exercise not only develops fine motor skills, but also the spoken language, because it acts immediately on several centers of the cerebral cortex.By the way, beading men helps a lot better!

As well developed motor skills molding.BLIND small figure of an animal.And now shall cleave his eyes, mouth, nose, different color of clay ears.It will be very small parts, so try.On the third or fourth figure's mouth is already in place, and his eyes not on the back of the head!

Now you know how to quickly learn how to write with a pen.I would also like to note that it is not only in these exercises, but also in the constant training.If you often write a lot, then your speed will be sufficient to outline the lecture even the fastest-speaking teachers.