What makes the brick ?

What makes the brick ?

Excellent technical characteristics of brick, as historians say, were known before our era.This material has been used successfully for the construction of buildings of ancient Rome, and in the construction of buildings in ancient Egypt.However, despite the rich history and fame, not everyone knows is far from what it is made and how it happens.

What makes silica brick

In the second half of the XX century, in addition to red, the most widely used in the construction of brick silicate found.Its peculiarity lies not only in white but also in the composition of the ingredients used, the method of manufacturing and application.Main components

material - is silica sand and lime, which are taken in a ratio of 9 to 1, respectively.

its manufacturing process is based on the synthesis of so-called autoclave, wherein after dry-pressing the mixture to give the desired preform shape is exposed to water vapor at a pressure of 8 to 12 atmospheres and a temperature of 170-200 degrees.The increase to the composition a mixture of different pigment colorants and functional additives can change color as a product and its performance.But despite this measure of strength and moisture resistance of white bricks is still lower than that of red.Therefore, this material is not used in the fields of construction, where increased strength is required.

What makes red brick

Red, or as it is called ceramic bricks, made from clay, which mixed various additives to improve the properties.The technology of manufacturing the stirring is clay, forming and pressing workpieces further firing.Red brick is:

  • Facing;
  • hollow;
  • corpulent.

latter type, being traditional, can be used for the construction of furnaces, foundations, load-bearing walls, multi-storey buildings, and for the solution of other problems in the construction industry.Any construction of this material will differ reliability and durability.