How to learn to fly?

How to learn to fly?

man who dreams of sky, can choose a profession pilot.This work is both romantic and very responsible.From aircraft pilot required a lot of skill and craftsmanship that can be obtained during the training and subsequent practice.

Where and how to teach flight training

Learning to fly on an airplane can be graduated from flight school.If the goal - to work in the field of civil transport, then you need to select the unit of civil aviation, since there is also a military that train pilots for service in the air force.Duration of training depends on the type of school: 2 years 10 months.- Secondary education, 5 years - higher.

can still undergo accelerated training in flight schools, flying clubs based on the principle;there is issued a certificate of amateur pilots, that allows you to control light airplanes.

Before you learn how to fly will need to undergo a full medical examination, because the pilot should be in good health, because he is responsible not only for their lives but also the lives of passengers on board the aircraft.

curriculum pilot training program includes such important subjects as aerodynamics, radio phraseology, aviation meteorology and, of course, the design of the aircraft.For successful learning can not do without a good knowledge of mathematics and physics.

Before the pilot will make its first flight in this heaven, he will have to work out all the necessary skills in a special simulator, which is a full copy of the cockpit and fully simulates the conditions of take-off, landing and stay of aircraft in the sky.

Once all the skills will be brought to automaticity, future pilots admit to the real flight with an instructor.Having acquired all the necessary knowledge of the incident and the clock, it will be possible to finally get the coveted certificate of pilot.

classification of civil aviation pilots

Flight "right", like the driver, have several categories:

  • Private pilot license.Issued in aviation training centers, persons who have undergone special training and have completed not less than 42 hours;
  • commercial pilot license.It gives the right to the management of civil aviation aircraft for commercial or educational purposes.It has a division into classes.Class III pilot must have 200 hours of flight time, 100 of them - an independent, 20 hours - instrument flight.Class II Pilot - 1500 hours, one independent of 1000, night - 50 hours.Commercial pilot class I certification in addition to a positive and high in piloting assessments should be 3000-4000 hours total flying, of which 100 - the night;
  • Certificate line pilot.It gives the right to fly as an aircraft commander.To obtain it, you must have 1500 hours of flight, 100 of them - performing the duties of the commander or 1000 - working as a co-pilot, 10 hours - piloting night 20 - instrument flight.

What should know the pilot

Upon completion of training, the person who wants to learn to fly a plane, must possess the necessary knowledge and skills, and it is able to:

  • flight plan;
  • carry out pre-flight preparation, making calculations, inspection devices and on-board equipment;
  • perform start, taxi, and the movement of aircraft on the airfield;
  • carry takeoff and landing (including in complicated weather conditions);
  • maneuver;
  • fly the route using visual cues and radio navigation aids;
  • to operate at minimum and maximum airspeeds;
  • go to the second round (in case of difficulties with the first approach);
  • adhere strictly to the rules of air traffic phraseology and radio communications;
  • act promptly in difficult and unexpected situations.


Tuition varies depending on the school.So some aeroclubs taught theory for about 40,000 rubles, and each hour of practice is about 10,000 (multiply by 40 flying hours and you will get tuition fees for a private pilot license).

However, you can become a pilot and a much smaller amount, enrollment in the budget, for example, in the Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation Flying School.