How to learn to type ?

How to learn to type ?

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How to learn to type?

Today, many people work is connected with the computer.Employers often require skoropechataniya skill on the computer, because the technique of fast typing, not only helps to reduce the time, but also speaks about the professionalism of the candidate for a new job.

Of course, at home it can be useful not for everyone.But people such profession, as, for example, a writer or a journalist, it will be a very useful skill.

Let's look at how to learn to type, why do we need, what are the methods and techniques set, and - with the help of public resources could be improved this skill to the limit.


  1. well remember the position of the keys on the keyboard.The layout for all the computers are usually the same.It is called a QWERTY.Look at the keyboard, and you'll understand why.There are several exercises to memorize:
    • take a sheet of paper.Take a look at the keyboard for a few seconds, and then try to record a series of on paper.So it will be easier to remember the combination.After all, a lot of keys on the keyboard, and better memorization process divided into several stages.Try to bring it to automatic and then you'll be closer to the goal.
    • can also start typing the letters in alphabetical order on your computer.Play the alphabet until until you see what happens fast enough to move on to more serious pursuits.
  2. If resources permit, you can purchase "training" keyboard.On this keyboard signs are divided into two parts - especially for right and left hand.
  3. Observe the correct position in the workplace.Remember that the way you sit, not only affects the efficiency of the computer, but also on your health.It is important to sit straight.The monitor should be positioned at eye level.
  4. It is important that both hands were used in printing, and, if possible, all the fingers.If you're used to typing with two fingers, it will be more difficult to retrain in a new way.Watch your hands.If in the process you will notice that the return to the old habit, go back in time to the new method.
  5. There is a special arrangement of the fingers on the keyboard method in which each finger is responsible for its own region keys.The method is as follows: the fingers of his left hand, from the little finger are located on the middle row of the keyboard on the combination FYVA.Look at the keyboard.These four keys are close by.Similarly, the fingers of his right hand shall hold OLDZH combination.The thumb is located next to the blank and presses the space bar if necessary.Moreover, to carry out this action may be the fingers of both hands.

When will quickly learn to type, you will notice that you do not even care how you do it.

blind method set rules

learn how to learn fast typing, thought for a long time.Even in 1888 stenographer Frank Edgar Makgurrinom equipment desyatipaltsevym blind typing has been developed.This greatly increased the productivity of firms and employees to make a breakthrough in this area.

Just learn to type on this technique will not work.You will need to stock up on persistence, because the first time, mistakes are inevitable.Speed ​​- the main priority of this method, but do not hurry, dial thoughtfully and slowly, and the rate will begin to grow from the experience.The main thing - a large amount of training.

essence of the method can already be understood from its name.It is set on the keyboard without looking at the text layout.According to this method, the hands are placed in a special position.We have already talked about the standard hand positions "FYVA-OLDZH".It and its use in this method.Of course, the top row of function keys (F1-F12) are not useful when blind typing, as we only use the main keys.

Moreover, any keyboard made specifically for the possibility of studying the method of dialing blind, because the vowels "a" and "o" are special small protrusions that help to navigate the keyboard without looking at her.

So, master the position, and a little train.It is important to learn every day - then it will be visible result of your work.The more practice will be, the faster hands get used to type text without a "crib."

strike technique for printing

blind dialing method is accompanied by another technique, which need to possess in order to achieve an excellent result - a technique of impact printing.

Few people watching the way it gathers the letters on the keyboard.It seems, well padded, what else.In fact, you should know that the main principle of this technique is to use not only the fingertips, but the whole brush.Attempts should be clear and abrupt, with all the fingers at all times should return to the starting position.

Rhythm Rhythm set printing

also important.You will notice that when there is a set of rhythm, that is, with a certain time interval between pressing each button, set the speed increases.Even if you have the opportunity to gain some characters quickly, and some slowly, you must still adhere to the rhythm.

As an assistant in keeping rhythm perfectly cope metronome.In some programs, and online services provided.

Programme, with which you can quickly master the technique of typing

There are several programs designed to educate everyone to the speed dialing technique.

  1. «Solo on the keyboard" - a course of typewriting V. Shahidzhanyana.The program involves the promotion of psychological methods, the program includes tasks of varying complexity.The program is presented in several different ways (courses) - different languages ​​and a separate digital learning.
  2. «Stamina» - program-simulator for training fast keyboard set.Free Solo analogue program.
  3. «VerseQ» - is another simulator.The main advantages are the individual training.The program is set up so that training begins with the most complex, and then the job becomes easier.Perfect not only for beginners, but also experienced people who want to maintain their skills at the highest level.

Online Services Training

fast print speed and print can be trained online, as in the usual form, and in the game:

  1. You can use the online service from «Stamina» program developers.
  2. Company «VerseQ» also offers an online service learning fast printing.
  3. Klavogonki.
  4. Vse10.
  5. Klava.

All of these sites with online simulators after registration absolutely free give you the opportunity to train.Then choose any longer, because they teach blind dialing technique.

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