What makes cement?

What makes cement?

Cement is widely used in construction.It is used in the construction of foundations and supporting structures, cladding of buildings and so on.The popularity of this building material is due to its specific performance characteristics, which are provided at the expense of certain components that make up the cement.


produce cement Cement Production takes place mainly on the basis of clay and carbonate rocks.In some cases, make this material with the use of industrial wastes and slags.

among carbonate rocks producers most often use chalk and marl.The first component has an amorphous structure, so easily crushed, that allows him to perfectly interact with other kinds of raw materials during mixing.

In the manufacture of cement, intended for the construction of fireplaces and stoves are not used chalk and marl.It is a sedimentary rock, which may have a solid or open structure, different humidity and density.

As for clay rocks, they represented shale and conventional loam.They are characterized by a high content of silt and sand particles have a high plasticity and binding ability.

also argillaceous rocks are loess-like loam.He raids the high friability and porosity.This type of loam does not differ good ductility, so the cement out of it is quite rare.If the manufacturer still decided to apply the loess-like loam, it always adds a significant amount of plaster in it.Gypsum is also necessarily used in the manufacture of cement by conventional shale and silt, but in a small proportion.

In addition to these components, the cement used in the manufacture of various additives such as fluorite, phosphogypsum, sodium silicofluoride, apatite and others.

A variety of components that can be composed of cement, creating a huge variety of brands of this matieriala, which are distinguished by their high quality and technical characteristics, as well as the field of application.About the different types of cement in detail in the article composition of cement.