How to hold a pen ?

How to hold a pen ?

task to teach a baby - how to hold a pen, gets up to parents when their child begins to learn to draw or paint.To make the learning process went well, you need to know and do the following recommendations.

Learn to spell right-hander

  • First of all, we must understand that to hold a pen when writing need not strictly vertical, but with an angle of 50-60 degrees.Thus, the opposite end of the handle to look at his right shoulder.
  • Pen should be held with three fingers: large, medium and index.All fingers should be slightly tucked.The handle must be placed on the second phalanx of the middle finger.In this case the index finger should hold the handle on top.The thumb should "insure" its left.The little finger and ring finger at this point should be bend into the palm.At the time of writing support for the brush is the third phalanx of the little finger and the outer edge of the palm.
  • Compress handle too much is not necessary.The hand must be constantly in the free position and the index finger straight.Otherwise, the hand begins to tire quickly.
  • most optimum distance from the tip of the rod -. 1-2 cm If you hold the handle closer to or farther from the rod, the hand will also be very tired.

If a child forgets about these rules, he should immediately remind and talk, hold a pen correctly when writing.

Learn to spell lefty

If your child - left-handed, then you need to understand the most important thing is that left-handedness - this is not a fault, but a feature of an organism.So do not try to retrain your baby to use his right hand.In the beginning, it is necessary to buy in the stationery store products for left-handers.They greatly simplify the process of writing.For example, the handles are filled with special quick-drying ink.Thus, they will not smear.So, how to teach a child to hold a pen, if it is left-handed.

  • First of all, it is necessary to fix a child's skill to hold a pen at a distance of no more than 4 cm from the tip.
  • Many lefties try to write in a mirror image.It is necessary to pay attention to this fact.Invent with the child visual images that will help him to better remember the correct spelling of letters and numbers.
  • proved that left-handers have a much harder form of automatism skills.Thus, it is necessary to treat very patiently excercise everyday skills that, in the future, and will move to the letter.
  • Many left-handers will never master the art of calligraphy.So do not blame their child for bad handwriting.Remember that it is extremely difficult to write left-handed unseparated and is almost impossible to write from the slopes to the right side, because the operating arm closes written.In any case, the child's learning and writing, in particular, the right of holding the handle, it is very time-consuming task.One reason for the reluctance to properly hold writing utensils can be their awkward design.In this case, try to buy another pen or pencil, which may suit your child more than the former.