How to print ?

How to print ?

Nowadays it is difficult to overestimate the advantages of quick printing on the keyboard.What previously had only typists and Typewriting, in our time has become a necessary skill for anyone who uses a computer and a worldwide network.Almost all of us have to work to gain texts, writing e-mails, chat icq and forums, to work with the sites and keep their pages on social networks.In order to do this quickly, you need to be good at typing.But how to print?

Most people print multiple fingers.But the most effective way of printing can be considered a set of ten-blind method, in which all fingers are used.Learning this printing method is not difficult - just have the desire, time and perseverance.In order to learn how to touch-type you need:

  • desirable that both at work and at home you have the same best identical keyboard as a different arrangement of keys, their rigidity, keyboard height can significantly complicate the training and sometimes bring tono touch-typing skills.
  • can use special software simulators, which are offered on the internet for learning blind method.If you do not want to use the program, you can train yourself.
  • Personal blind method print right-hand location.In order to understand how to keep your hands, put your hands on the keyboard so that the fingers of his right hand touched the keys of, l, d, w and the left - f, s, c, a, a.If you spend your fingers on the keys A and D, for sure they will feel small bumps.They are present to ensure that would not looking at the keyboard can be correctly positioned on the keyboard hands.
  • order that would pechatal blindly, to remember what fingers which keys must be pressed.Left hand - Pinky - 1yfya, ring - 2tsych, medium - 3uvc, index - 45kamepi.The right hand - the index - 67nrtgo, medium - 8shlb, ring - 9schdyu pinky - 0zzhxe
  • Gaps are pressed thumbs and little fingers of the control keys are pressed.When printing a large burden falls on the middle and index fingers.
  • Do not try to directly print quickly.Initially, you have to learn to type slowly, but in the blind.every day it simple exercises, starting with a combination of letters and write the most common words.The best effect is achieved if you are printing, not reading the text from the book, and taking it out of my mind - thoughts, poems, heard the text, while looking at the screen and immediately correcting errors.
  • Gradually increase your speed dial blindly as training.
  • If you do not have the patience and you have all the time to spy on the keyboard, it may be advisable to cover the keyboard and hands light cloth or just to stick the letters on the keys.Then the training goes faster.

Speaking about how to print correctly on the keyboard should also be noted that at the time of printing the hand should be based on a free, no need to strain your wrist.Touching the keys should be short and soft - impact force only spoils the keyboard and prevents quick printing.

energometricheskie There are special keyboard, which allows to hold hands in a more natural position.If you learn blind method on a keyboard on a conventional keyboard, so you can not print.Therefore it is best to study and work to use the classical keyboard, which is available at any office.