How to teach?

How to teach?

Everyone in my life passed a certain stage, when it was necessary to learn something.It starts with all of the kindergarten, then school, college, training courses and more.Let's look at this article to learn how to correctly notes, or any other job.

It's no secret that during the study all have to learn some information, and then take exams or tests.But the problem is that not always, it turns out, remember a certain material.Let's talk about how best to teach.After all, as in other areas, here too, we need to know some rules.And not only know, but also to follow them.

learning methods

  • First, create yourself motivated.You need to think of yourself some reward that is waiting for you in the event of the successful conclusion of the case.Mentally draw a situation where you are standing in front of examiners and confident voice answer all the questions.
  • Select to study a certain time and try everything not to be distracted.Let personal life, problems and concerns recede into the background.Focus only on the goal.Do not give in to any temptation.
  • After all the necessary conditions for the preparation will be accepted, you can begin to learn.
  • In order to remember the information it needs to comprehend and understand.Remember, do not need to cram.It is better to simply understand and process all specified material.If you tell the teachers all the material in your own words, he will understand that you are not crammed midnight theme, and really know it and understand it.
  • Note that learning material is best in the evening or in the morning.But do not forget about the breaks between studies.During leisure, you can listen to music, watch a comedy movie, read a magazine.
  • Remember that the brighter important piece of information stands out against the other, the better.For convenience, you can select all the important aspects of a marker of a different color.
  • Many students are interested in how to teach the exam fees.First of all, you need to learn one simple truth, not teach selectively, and start with the first page and go to the end.Read the first question, then theory, and so several times.A day after the learned certain ticket, try to answer from memory on it.If you decide to write cribs, write.Since on tiny pieces of paper does not fit all the stuff you will need to allocate the main thing.So you want to or not, but I still remember what they wrote.

few conditions for successful memory

  • Many people say that they have just a bad memory, so they can not remember a particular material, but it is not.You just need to take an interest in what you need to learn.
  • If the material "through" feeling, it is very easy to remember.For example, the verses about the unhappy and unrequited love ballad, and so funny. D.
  • A very important condition for successful memory is, of course, understanding the information that you need to learn.If you do not have clear idea which carries the material, you do not learn it, and learn by heart.As a result, you do not learn something new, which is deposited in the memory, and forget about all that jagged in just a couple of days.
  • necessary to set a goal to learn the material.Convince yourself that this is important to you, and you will come in handy in life.Then all learned will certainly be remembered.If you teach only in order not to get a deuce, and the information is not acquired.
  • In order to better remember the rules, you need to disassemble their own and come up with examples.When a person connects with the activity of remembering, the result is much better.
  • is very important as well, and perseverance.Persevere and bringing the follow through, you will achieve a lasting and complete memory.
  • In preparation for the exam is necessary to avoid cramming.Better organize knowledge.First of all, try to paraphrase text read and memorize the most highlights.On examination it was for them and will "hang" your memory.After recalling some dates, and you tell us about all the related events that it entails.
  • Do not miss any pre-exam counseling.
  • a very important role plays and a balanced and nutritious food.Pending exams are not a hindrance hearty meal.It is quite the contrary.Feeling hungry, you will not be able to fully concentrate on their studies and be constantly on something distracted.Do not just during the exam diet.Exams and without stress for your body, but there is also a diet.Experts also recommend to exclude the use of energy.They are not only effective, but also very harmful for the stomach.Especially because after them comes the breakdown.
  • Do not lead a sedentary lifestyle.It is better to go in for sports.Do exercises every morning, go to the pool or for a jog.So you remove the tension.Experts have found that physical activity affects the very mental state as a whole.
  • do not need to adjust themselves to the poor before exams.If you are worried, do not ask your classmates who have passed already, how it went.So you'll only be more nervous.It is better to repeat the learned material.You go in the audience with self-confidence.Stretching a ticket, do not panic, even if you have forgotten something.Just sit down and be prepared to work.Rewrite the questions and try to answer them from memory.Begin to answer the question that you think the easiest.Sketch response scheme.Then move on to the next question.

Now you know the best way to learn any material.Whether it's exam fees, or simply a poem about love.This allows you to acquire knowledge, without spending a lot of vrmeni.Good luck!