How to grow a crystal of sugar ?

How to grow a crystal of sugar ?

Make something extraordinary at home is very easy for both children and adults;of this article you will learn how to grow a crystal of sugar.Note that the crystal growing your own - it's very interesting to do, based on chemical processes.

How quickly grow a crystal

most popular material from which to make the crystals - it's sugar, salt and copper sulphate.We will use the sugar.In order to quickly grow a crystal, you will need:

  • sugar;
  • glass;
  • thin thread or hair;
  • elongated rod (of land, for example) or a long pencil, which can be placed on the neck of the glass.

Well, now the process.

  1. first step is to produce a sugar solution.To do this we need to boil the water and add the sugar, then pour everything into a glass and stir thoroughly.Sugar is dissolved, with stirring, and adding it necessary as long as it will not precipitate on the bottom of the glass.
  2. To make the basis for the future of the crystal to a pencil (in the middle) tie a thread or hair, and has a thread fix the largest crystal sugar.This crystal will serve as the starting point to which to attach the next crystal.Next, place a pencil in a glass (across the neck), and the thread should be deleted in the solution.This should be done carefully, so that the crystal is not stuck to the wall of glass.Some do this: wait for the start of crystallization in the glass (on the walls), and then separated crystal originated and tied it to a string.
  3. next step: waiting for the start crystallization.It will take some time, because it is necessary to wait until the water has evaporated from the glass (up to the moment that begins to emerge crystal).
  4. Finally, you will need to repeat all over again: prepare a sugar solution, only this time a strong concentration and then put your grown up crystal solution.We perform this step as many times as possible to get a crystal of the desired height and shape.

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