How to develop imagination?

How to develop imagination?

One of the most important forms of environmental reflection of reality is imagination.The ability of a figurative thinking, a mental reconstruction of an object or phenomenon, to solve problems with no immediate practical actions to abstract modeling - that is imagination.

How to develop imagination or fantasy?

To begin with we shall understand, when a person needs such a capability.Human memory and play, creativity and planning, dreams of the future, memories of the past, even an elementary reflection of the visible world and the eyes of the conversion to specific images of external objects - all these mental processes are impossible without imagination, and they have their own imagination.What happens to a person deprived of the gift of thinking imaginatively?Probably, he will only be able to live according to a previously ranked templates for him.Speculation situation, think through even one step further - it is impossible for him.Stripped of abstract thinking, he could not understand the art, enjoy music or poetry, even dreams will not see.A world devoid of color - is not a terrifying prospect?Like any ability, even innate imagination can and must generate.

development of imagination - the process of creative, interesting and complex.We have already noted that the image and the idea - an indivisible whole, and the very human imagination due to the close ties of thinking.Therefore, any exercise aimed at the development of thinking, and help the emergence of the imagination.Creative imagination is implied also raise self-identity, because involves the creation of new, original, not having analogues of things, images or signs.

Ways of development of creative imagination

The most common recommendations of experts include:

  • accumulation vivid images through thoughtful dialogue with the nature and fixing the results of observations in words, in pictures and artefacts;
  • imaginary attempt to "travel" to places hidden schematic representation of the lines on the map;
  • careful reading of books with "immersion" in the detailed description of the appearance of heroes, landscapes and interiors, with a single-minded objective to recreate in the imagination of what the authors describe;
  • forming imagination in games: role-playing, with words, with fantastic given circumstances.

Games on the development of imagination

From an early age it makes sense to pay attention to the development of imagination in children.Here, the most suitable game, entertaining way, for example, job-game

  • inventing enigmas of earthly things for the aliens who have never heard of these sites and have not seen them;
  • writing poetry and fairy tales to arbitrary threads;
  • drawing and modeling of fantastic animals, plants, stones;
  • game in the fantastic assumption that begin with the question: what would happen if ...
  • word game: choose a word and each of its letters, the beginning of a new word, and then from the resulting words make up the line with rhymes or on the basis of coming up with the story.

Psychologists say that by three years of a child accumulates enough experience and demonstrates the first manifestations of the imagination.Development of imagination in children of preschool age - the problem is a delicate and important.Toddlers often mixed real and imaginary, but if you do not help the child in time, not forward it to the imagination in the right direction, he can start to live in a dream world, moving away from reality.Exceptional value teachers give role-playing games, when, assuming a role, children tend to the most accurate likeness invented images with a really existing characters.Fine art (sculpture, painting), construction and constructive activity, accompanied by stories and explanations of a child - all this gives space to children's imagination and develops the conscious mind.